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The Hunt
Rangers Lead The Way!
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Sgt. James Ramirez
US Army Rangers
SCAR-H Grenadier w/FMJ, Scope and M9 with FMJ
Pripyat, Ukraine
Destroy the M142 Abrams.
Plant C4 on the V2 Rocket
Detonate the Rocket
Get to the LZ
Shadow Company
Multiplayer map

Walkthrough Edit

Ramirez and the squad are sent to Pripyat to stop the Shadow Company invaders. They successfully get in and destroy five abrams, hold off the troops and then plants C4 on a V2 Rocket then destroys it then they finally reach extraction.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

"Captain Price, we're at Pripyat. Any tips from you or MacMillan?"
— Foley
"Stay out of the Radioactive areas. Absorb to much, your dead. And use the long grass to your advantage."
— MacMillan

Wolf Company logo changes to the US Army Rangers logo.

Ingame Edit

(The level starts of with Foley and the rangers at prone stance. They all get up.)

  • Foley: Let's go. Destroy the V2 Rocket and then we leave.
  • Ramirez: Copy that.
  • Dunn: Abrams!

(An abram destroys a Eurocopter Tiger.)

  • Foley: Ramirez, plant some C4 on those tanks.
  • Ramirez: Roger that.

(Plants the C4 on the tanks.)

  • MacMillan: Careful, those dogs are not the pussycat ones from Petropavlovsk.
  • Foley: Thanks for the heads up.

(Hunting (Renamed version of the Soundtrack of Hotel Bravo. The tanks blow up.)

  • Foley: Let's go.
  • Dunn: Ambush! Targets! Left side, left side!
  • Ramirez: We after to hold them off!
  • Foley: He's right!

(They open fire on the Shadow Company soldier.)

  • Ramirez: Dunn, fire your weapon!
  • Dunn: There's too many!
  • Foley: Fire your weapon, Dunn!

(Dunn fires back and they kill them.)

  • Foley: They're retreating!
  • Ranger: Sir, we're oscar mike to a V2 Rocket.
  • Foley: Copy that.

(Hunter Two-One moves up to the rocket.)

  • Ranger: Ramirez! Plant some C4 on the tip of the rocket!
  • Ramirez: Yes, Chief.

(He plants the C4 on it and gets behind a dead BMP.)

  • Ranger: Blow it now!

(He blows the rocket and destroys the nearby Eurocopters in the air, tanks and soldiers.)

  • Ramirez: Rocket 2-1 request extraction.
  • Rocket: Roger that Ramirez, get to the LZ. You should regonise it by a lot of containers.
  • Ramirez: Roger that.

(They run to the containers while taking out the soldiers. Then they kill several of the soldiers at the LZ and get in the helicopter.)

  • Foley: Get us outta here!

(End of mission)

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