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Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Crash win
Lol, she actually wins, cuz' she's a loser. (Derby Harrington: Hahahaha, completely loser-ish!)
Nickname(s) Rainbow Crash, Rainbow Trash, Crash, Trash, Crash hooker, Trash hooker, Trashie, Dashie biatch, Crashie, victim, O'Neille's bottom biatch, peasant, poor girl, dumb, arrogant, flying, and snobbish ball of sith
Appears in Does she even deserve to be in any game? Don't answer that. The answer is no.
Rank Shraemrock O'Neille's slave and prostitute (former), about to be the plane driver for the 9/11 Outworld attacks, hooker (former)
Affiliations O'Neille Family, Pinkie Pie, Rich Boys, The Woodsman (all former)
Status Deceased
Killed By Pinkie Pie (over infinite times, over and over again)
Birth 1st of April, 1997
Death 13th of September, 2013
Weapon None
Voice Actor Ashleigh Ball

Rainbow (Trash/Crash) Dash was a stupid pegasus pony and still is one of the most hated characters on the Wiki, along with Justin Bieber and Luca Brasi. She controlled the weather for one week, after she stole the weather control from Wind God Fujin, but Fujin found out about it the next day and beat her so badly that Dash had to stay in the hospital for 2 years. As a huge fan of Shraemrock O'Neille, she serves him badly and has to suck his cok for punishment. Back in 2008, she was Shao Kahn's sex toy and slave and was sexually assaulted by Kahn's Army all the times and several times by Shao. If Rainbow Dash was still in Outworld today, Reiko said she would be perfect to fly a plane into a building in USA and died, as no one ever loved her, everyone was fawking happy and laughed at her funeral and no one cried for her, unless it was because of laughter or pure joy, of course. Dash was also a prostitute for Rich Boys and the Woodsman.


Rainbow Crash/Trash had a flashback in 2012 to an event in Cloudsdale where she was a young filly without a cutie mark. She is accompanied by Fujin and Blaze, the Wind God, and a firespark made by the powerful sorceress, Delia. They are standing in the crowd listening to an announcement about where the Equestria Death Games will take place. When Dash hears that the Games won't take place in Cloudsdale, she cries out in disappointment and is bullied by Fujin, Diamond Tiara and Blaze until the rest of the week. This disappointment is somewhat assuaged later when young Rainbow was selected to carry Cloudsdale's flag in the Equestria Death Games opening ceremony. She later boastfully claimed in flight to the finish that she "did tricks with that flag the likes of which nopony saw before and nopony's seen since!".

Dash also manages the weather in Ponyville for 2 days, until Fujin finds out and nearly kills her, he beated her up to the inch of her stupid fahing life. He uses the skies free of clouds for the Outworld Celebration, and apparently, unless the weekly sunny days is scheduled for that day of course, makes sure that Ponyville has bad weather, although in the Outworld's Tour, Spike states that he rarely gets up early in the morning to get a start on it.

Dash was also one of the immigrant ponies to be send to Earth in 2009. On Earth, Trash/Crash, like her names says - lived as a hobo until 2011 when Shraemrock O'Neille took her as his prostitute and treated her very badly and even allowed his men and family's allies to beat her up sometimes, she deserves it after all.


"One day I will rule as the supreme ruler of Earth! And I will get all the titles in WWE and I will be the best ruler of earth there is... probably... Oh nevermind. I will never achieve those dreams. *Cries in corner like a little wimper*"
— Dash
"Why do I always get treated like stinky trashy sith?"
— Dash asks why she is hated
"Pinkie... please, don't do it! We're friends..."
— Dash when tied up by Pinkie
"Master, Master, where's my dreams that I've been after? Master, Master you promised only lies."
— Dash to Shinnok in Hell
"Stop laughing at me! I'm cool... In my opinion."
— Dash when laughed at
"*Pisses self and dies of fear and injuries* Fah you, Pinkie... piece of sith... "
— Rainbow after Pinkie "takes care of her"

Personality and traits

She is slow, ugly, and concerned with looking "cool". Though she often fails at it. She can often be found napping on a cloud, practising a new trick which she fails at, or actually does Fujin's job of maintaining Ponyville's weather. She can be extremely arrogant at times, and never really helps her friends, which is one of the few reasons she is hated so much. She also tries her best to reach her goals without giving up, but like all the other times, fails at it. Despite that, she is still arrogant and quietly insults Dixmor's Project members, though she is usually heard and is for her punishment, beaten up brutally by Project's puppet, Dexter Jackson.


Trash/Crash was invited to the Stracci Mansion's basement by Pinkie Pie to help her out with some cookie baking. Once she arrives, she discovers no sign of work, but knowing Pie, doesn't feel surprised and readily eats a cupcake offered by her, thinking of it as of a taste test. It appears that it had been injected with a soporific, which knocks Dash out unconscious. After the drug's effect is finally over, Dash awakens to find herself tied up in a dark cellar room. Pinkie shows up to tell Dash that she's going to make cupcakes, but she's out of a necessary ingredient: Rainbow Dash herself. Pie takes a series of medical procedures, almost all of them sans anaesthesia, undertaken by her to put Rainbow Dash to death. After a couple of minutes Pinkie decides to make a stuffed Dash from her victim's body. She uses the organs for her cupcakes, however. General Reiko himself travels to Earth by the time of Dash's death and thanks Pinkie for killing her and also tries some cupcakes. He later takes Dash's rotting body back to Outworld where they "celebrate" her death and throw her body in the Never Never Land.


  • Though the fact everyone hates Rainbow Crash and are glad to see her die, Reiko thought it would be better for her to die in a more "useful" way, like crashing with a plane into a building in New York, in the next 9/11 Outworld attacks.
  • She's a loser like Algernon Papadopoulos.
  • Dash is such a cancer to her fellow pony race that at least four of them committed suicide because of her. Most of them were pegasus.
  • All members of the O'Neille FamilyDeadshot's Gang and Boggel/Wagner's organised crime ring laughted at her funeral, as well as everyone whom she met.
  • Vava Arbogastt filmed her death and made a video about it called MLP Cupcakes.
  • The few reasons she is hated are:
    • She always brags too much about herself and lies a lot.
      • She leaves her friends behind to rot and die.
        • She doesn't help anyone at all and refuses to be rich, stating "Fans is all I need".
          • Even if she ever has fans, they are quickly killed by either Kotal's ArmyDixmor Project, Crane FamilyKing of DiamondsCavaldi, Cornet Dynasty, Tom Hagen, Ivan Karacheev or Blood Roach.
            • Blood Roach AKA Giuseppe Travonni drank her blood and pissed on her corpse, along with Sweet Johnson, before Reiko and his goons burned her corpse and burned Sweet alive with her corpse, because Sweet hated Outworlders. Also, Blood Roach raped her corpse before being send to Hell.
              • Cavaldi cut out her ass before Blood Roach raped her and stole her cutie mark, filled it with lobsters, which she crapped them out of the bullying pain earlier, and now he sells it to everyone as a street magic. Derpy Hooves was known as a big fan of his work, before her demise at his hand and following devouring.