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Race for Time
Modern Warfare 4
John MacTavish
Escape from the mercenaries' trucks


Escape the SAS.



Multiplayer map
"I see you choose to fight, and you choose to kill me. You see I will reward you for your duties, Makorav left some important documents in Point A Bravo shortly before you killed him. You'd be lucky if your friends, the S.A.S. don't kill you first"
— General of the Avengers
"What do you mean? The Service would have no reason to kill me or Jamie and Price. We have proven our innocence before and killed Shepherd, we're regarded as Global Heroes."
— MacTavish
"Do you not see it who I am? I have a powerful mercenary army, three times bigger then all of NATO! We have all the missles with need, and one with your name on it, and it just hit Australia. Goodbye Mr. MacTavish."
— The General's dieing words

Race for Time is the nineteenth level in Modern Warfare 4.


After killing the leader of the Avengers, Soap rescues Jamie and Price, as they bile into the silver plated, technical Hummer, as a large amount of Avengers pour out at them, coming with everything from cheap RPG-7s to state of the art choppers, Soap avoids them, while Price uses a .50 caliber Browning Machine Gun and Salmon uses a stationary RPG to take the down. However, a set of C4 goes off when the group goes over a bridge, knocking them off.

Soap wakes up inside of a stolen pick-up truck technical, and is tasked with driving, as Salmon uses the .50 caliber Browning Machine Gun and Price shoots with M1911 .45 pistol, and they still face heavy resitence, but are able to get outside of Avengers territory, into British controlled territory, but the SAS pose even a bigger threat, as an unarmed helicoptor follows them, then, the truck is blown up, supposedly killing Salmon, but keeping Price and Soap together.

Soap again is woke up by some trees, as Price interrogates a SAS officer and executes him, as Soap is givin' a silenced M9, and is helped by Price into sneaking into a helicoptor landing plad, where he'll provide sniper support for Soap to shell a helicoptor and pick him up. Soap sneaks behind, and the operation works, as Price and Soap get away, Salmon being captured by the Avengers, one carrying a whip, as Soap's helicoptor leaves into the moonlight.