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This is a page full of funny/serious/crazy/psychopathic/last words/conversations/speeches/same thing on different languages quotes from some characters, ok, here are the quotes, man, I promise, you will love it. Despite the swears, they are very canonical and they are from different videogames, serials, animated serials, full-length animated movies and movies:
"Noble, arrogant and smart villains are the best kind of villains."
User: Tom Hagen
"(Showalter opens the door, enters the cabin and Grimsrud looks at him in unfazed mood) Showalter: Hehehe! You should check the other guy. (Grimsrud looks away and Showalter looks at Jean's corpse) Fawk happened to her? Grimsrud: Uh, she started shrieking out. Showalter: Jesus. Alright, here as you asked. (Showalter goes to the table where Grimsrud is sitting and draws a briefcase and gets all of the money out on the table) That's $500K for you, $500K for me. (Showalter gets the car keys out of his pocket) You can have my truck. I'm takin' the Ciera. Grimsrud: We split that. Showalter: How the hawk you split a fraqin' car, you dummy? With a hackin' chainsaw? Grimsrud: One of us pays the other for a half. Showalter: Hold on! No hawkin' way! You fraqin' notice this? I've got fraqin' shot! I've got fraqin' shot in the face! I've got shot when I was collecting the money and the other hacker instead of Jerry shot me in the face! I've been up for thirty-six fraqin' hours! I'm takin' that car, that hacker's mine, you fraqin' butthole! I've done listening to your bullcrap all week! So, are we square? (Shows Grimsrud a gun in his waistband) Are we square?!? (Grimsrud is not responding) Yeah, whatever, you fraqin' mute. (Showalter goes to the door) And if you see your friend Shep Proudfoot, tell him that I'll find him and nail his hawkin' butt! (Showalter slovenly exits the cabin and Grimsrud thinks of getting rid of him, exits the cabin in his regular outfit with an axe in his hands and runs to Showalter) Oh, oh God! Grimsrud: AARGH! (Grimsrud strikes Showalter with an axe and kills him)"
Carl Showalter and Gaear Grimsrud arguing about the Ciera plus Gaear kills him with a big-s axe
"A half-breed gemstone!? Really? If it is, you know how it ends, boy: You will end up like your mother, your soul will burn in hell and you will die at my hand, filthy half-breed punk!"
Mercurio Cavaldi threatning Steven Universe
"Those Tattaglia gavones won't know what hit 'em! Ha!"
Poli Gatto
"Die, Barzini dogs!"
Marty Malone
"I'm not a fricking Trevor! And I'm not a frickin' app, daft git!"
Robert Valadir as The Caller in Scream 4
"We will rewrite history, after we take over the whole Moscow city as well."
General Taylor
"Lousy double-crossin' snakes!"
Phillip Cuneo
"Major Soap. I'm here as you asked."
Jamie Salmon to Major Soap
"Master Sausage? (Sausage: Yes? Speak to me.) We did it, pastor, Montana is gone. There's nothing there, the policia has taken' over the mansion. But there is nothing there, nothing there for him to come back to, it's in and on fire, it's destroyed. His empire is destroyed."
Ricardo to Sausage
"Can't change, John!"
Dutch van der Linde
"Ah I'm sorry, mate."
Rolf Lumbers
"Rammahayama! Your time is chup my time ish now. You can't she me, my time is now. It's a pray time, 'cuz my time is now. You can't she me, my time is now. If forgot the waitor, my name ish Jhon MCena. Equeleah it to jedo. Eh, Jimmy, ey quel di mi hedo. Everyone ish in mind to mquedo. Sey bada, eh why the maehvada? Ehqueah, duaheah equeal shay madapaka. Eh quadah to my she the majedo. Jhon Chena may wanted the shay: rammahayama! Your time is chup my time ish now. You can't she me, my time is now. It's a pray time, 'cuz my time is now. You can't she me, my time is now. If forgot the waitor, my name ish Jhon MCena."
— John Cena sings his theme song (retarded version)
"Hello? Who the hell is this? (Tony Montana: Oh, hello Gaspar. You sound much fatter on the phone, you know?) What the hell-Montana? The hell! Where is Ricardo? (Tony: Oh, your fat fricking dummy Ricardo? Don't worry, I have taken care of him.) Hey, Montana! (Tony puts the phone down and turns it off) Fah!"
Gaspar Gomez and Tony Montana
"The last one you fought was a Tarkatan. He was born with AIDS."
Raiden to Johnny Cage
"AIDS? Is that why he is so ugly?"
Johnny Cage to Raiden
"Yes, you daft git. He's ugly as hell."
Raiden to Johnny Cage
"Mileena is so beautiful... one day I will make her my woman!"
— Tarkatan
"Leave me be!"
"Herr Krank. I want to say that Helmut is gonna rat us out and expose us."
"Its a shame I have to kill you Marco. You are a real caterpillar of the community. (Marco: You wanna fawk with me? Is that it!?)"
Charlie Trapani and Marco Cuneo
"Holy sith!"
Edgart Diaz
"So what do you want? An extension?"
— Lucifer
"Biyatch! ... I love you."
The Tourettes Guy
"That hawk. Why don't you two stop bickering who fawked up worse and put your money where your mouth is? Sausage, you have connections with military here, give them some money, and roll some tanks on the punk. Come on!"
George Sheffield to Sausage
"What kind of a sick fak eats a pancakes for a dinner?"
— Diaz mobster
"Tell the Don he can fah off."
— Yougurt Malparidiso
"Yeah! Run, you fawkin' maricons! Die! Die! Ha, I'm Tony fricking-totally-jacked-up-in-the-butt-and-brains-with-Klinskoye-Beer-and-money-powdered-doughnuts-and-even-bloody-vodka-whose-temperature-was-190-degrees-in-Never-Never-Land-and-working-for-Shinnok-is-actually-great-plus-I-have-won-Total-Drama-BB-Multiverse-Tour-and-I-am-a-friend-of-John-Abruzzi-and-hater-of-Tony-Soprano-and-I-fawked-your-mother-in-s Montana!"
Tony Montana
"Don't worry, brother, I got protection everywhere."
Javier Escuella
"No! You suck! (Laughs)"
Shao Kahn
"The Corleones ain't worth my spit!"
Victor Barzini
"You'll regret this!"
Victor Barzini
"Sorry Johnny. It's just buisness. Give it to him."
Emilio Barzini
"Leave me alone, please!"
Emilio Brunetti
"I'm Major John "Soap" MacTavish."
— Major John MacTavish
"Oh, it's always nice to see you, John."
Dutch van der Linde
"Go to hell! You pathetic fool!"
Javier Escuella
"Shinnok Ex Machina."
Dino Velvet
"I guess you think you're like an authority figure, with that stupid faqing uniform? Faqing clip-on tie there. Big faqing man, huh? These are the limits of your life. Ruler of your little faqing gate. Here. There's your $4, you pathetic piece of sith."
— Showalter talks to a parking lot attendant and pays for parking
"Hahahahaha! I'm going to annoy you all! (Annoying laugh)"
Noob to everyone on whole server
"You shall not escape!"
"Fear me! For I am a demon!"
"Fear me!"
— Bi-Han as Noob Sailbot
"Dino, listen, we gonna talk. We gonna talk in your office. Syndicate wants to take over your business after your death. You need to hide somewhere for your own safety. Travonni will kill you! (Dino: Oh, go away, you paranoid fah. I've done listening to you, Dwight. Today, I and Joe gonna kill you in theater. and you will die in the horrific torture, so fah off.) Fah! Fah!"
Dwight Flutti and Dino Velvet's last conversation
"You're gonna die! By slow... And painful death."
"Come on, son, don't be scared, I got the Black Market soldiers who are protecting this joint everywhere."
Charles Urbano to Harrison Baker Jr., trying to relax him
"Hey, fawk you, man!"
— Tone Montana
"You wanna play rabbit, cock (bird means "rooster" for idiots and profanity haters, like SSJJ), and ham? Ok! Let's play!"
— Tone Montana
"This is my world, George!"
— Tone Montana
"Cheating Mr. Ricketts as well, again."
Lucky Muller
"People don't forget, nothing gets forgiven."
John Marston
"Fricking DEA wasping daft gits! Always a frickin' pain in the frickin' azz!"
— Tone Montana
"May thunder take you."
Helmut Göetzel's last words before his execution
"Grimsrud: Shut the fak up! Showalter: Whoa, whoa daddy. Grimsrud: You do the job, you're smooth smooth, you know. Just clear him off the road, so we can go on. Showalter: Okay."
Gaear Grimsrud violently orders Jean Lundegaard to shut up and orders Showalter to get the France City policeman's corpse off the road
"Hey, Reed, don't drop the soap!"
Jackson Riggers
"You know what capitalism is? To get jacked up by your own drug fricking supply, chico."
— Tone Montana
"Holy crap! Montana!? How the hell did you get here? (Tone Montana: How many babies have you eaten today Gaspar, huh?) Babies? What the hell you talkin' about? Still jacked up on your own supply? Fahing addict. You got no respect for this buisness! (Tone Montana: All I freaking care about, is fawking Sausage's head is served to the fricking dobermans!)"
— Tone Montana and Gaspar
"H-e-e-e-y, lo-olk Tony, baybieah, you, yo-y-ou gotta think a little, you don't think so much, ya know? (Tone: Fawk you George, you fawking worm!) Put the frickin' gun down, what are, are you crazy, are you on drugs?! Well yeah, I guess. (Tone: Prepare to fahing die!)"
— Tone Montana and George Sheffield
"May I have your ticket, please? (Showalter: Open the faking gate!)"
— Parking lot attendant, prior to his death by Showalter
"The Corleones? Hah, are history."
Rico Tattaglia
"That's what I wanna know too, who really is this puppet master?!?"
Rico Tattaglia
"Champion? Hahaha! Yeah, right."
"Save your strength poor soul."
— Paul Barrel
"What's this? Fresh Moloch wants me to do his work, now he needs a... device? Wait, maybe he has some meat, I better speak with him!"
"You lose!"
"Hey! I don't need that sith in my life, ok, man? You got two choices; You leave these guests alone, or you fawking die! No war, no problems, you just fahing die!"
— Tone Montana
"What's your name, friend? (John: John, John Marston.) Stroke of luck you came along fella. I thought I will be drunk for the last second back there, Lol."
"Sheffield is a fawking pussy, that's why he's a fricking lawyer."
— Tone Montana
"What happened to your face, pal? (Tone: Your wife's a fawking pussy, Sonny.)"
— Tone Montana to Sony Wescot
"I got myself this kinda new combat-cell phone. I think the Russians made it. Those communists are probably listening to us right now, but I don't give a fawk. We got capitalism to make great."
— Tone Montana
"Fah Washington! I've got them in my back pocket. A few greenbacks spread to the right hands to make them look the other way for a day never hurt anybody."
George Sheffield to Sausage
"Here, take this. (Gives coins)"
"Run home to momma! I'm gonna squash you like bug! Killing you is my new part-time job now! (Momma shows a gun) Ah momma!!!"
Fat Man
"(DD, Eddy, and Ed Hutton are driving down the road when they crash into tree) Eddy, DD, Ed: Aaahhiii, uuuhhhh, aaaaa!!!! (Cevin: Aaaaa!) (Rolf: Uaahhhh, uaaaahh!!!)"
Eds, Rolf Lumbers and Cevin Flynn
"I wish I'd have four stomaches."
"I am Reptile, and I do not answer to you. FIGHT!"
"(Burps) Pardon me."
"We go all the way back: Mortal Kombat 2! Babbi, babbuley, you remember all that sith, eh, fawk ya'll in the butts!"
"I am Baraka, the leader of the Tarkatans."
"Go to Outworld and discover why the Tarkatans were being send to Earth."
Wen the Elder
"My flesh will find your heart and devour it."
"I spy with my eye, someone who must die!"
"Throughout the portal!"
"I know you, you are a Lin Kuei, are you not?"
"Now fight!"
Noob Sailbot
"Mah name is Finlay and I love to fawk!"
— Finlay
"Never! Getting involved with the Corleones is a death warrant from the Tattaglias!"
Tito Morelli
"Oh, fak you, don't talk 'baut my mamma. I love mah momma. She's a great womanh."
— Tone Montana
"Jesus Christ, it's Tony Montana!"
— Businessman
"Find Reiko and tell him that I am not pleased, nyain, nyain."
— Shao Kahn
"Yo, Baraka, you are one ugly s motherfaher, why don't you get some plastic surgery?"
Liu Kang
"Ho, ho, wassup fellas? (Baraka: Yo, what's up, Jax?) (Raiden: It's not enough, for punk's sake, what's up?)"
Jax, Baraka, and Raiden
"You are NOTHING! NOTHING! Nyain, nyain!"
— Shao Kahn
"YOU better listen! I'm not gonna tolerate this biatch and her scoundrel of a brother, so tell me, what the fawk r' you doing here?!? (Greter gives Berringer a headbutt and breaks his nose) Ow!"
Hiram Berringer
"Now my only goal is: to rape the sorcerer who blinded me, alive and to death!"
"What's this? You want's me to read this letter that Smoke sent to me from Outworld?"
"Kick him in his annoyin' butt!"
Shang Tsung
"Yo, Baraka, you're my right hand man! Never had a girl you use your right-hand man!"
"Yo, Baraka, you're uglier than Flocka! After I'm done whop ya' s, u gonna be runnin to your mommy. You should've never battle me, dawg, you don't want Bisbee. Matter fact: go to the dentis and fix 'em fuaked up teeth, hahaha!"
"I ain't gonna deal with the people like YOU!"
Osvaldo Altobello
"I ain't gonna be pushed around, leave!"
Osvaldo Altobello
"You, where you got that frickin' bullets? I take all of your frickin' bullets and I eat and crap your frickin' pain, liek Francis From Left 4 Dead, but bettaurszazs and with balls of hardened alloy of diamond, gold, iridium, cash and osmium!!! And even Barzinis' powargh of my big-azz penis, that is bigger than porn actor Jack Napier's peins when erected."
— Tone Montana
"Say hello to my little friend!!!!!"
Tony Montana
"Die, Montana, muerte!"
Edgart Diaz
"I'm Major Soap!"
John MacTavish
"Massimo, kill this cock-(as bird, named rooster)-sucker!"
Bruno Tattaglia
"Goodbye, Joshua..."
Roger Pullman
"No! Don't kill me!"
Elliot Davy-Crockett
"That was good. Now listen to this: 1, 2, 3, 4, uppercut to your jaw! Nyain."
— Shao Kahn
"Nyain, nyain."
Shao Kahn
"Fawk you, ugly nyain."
Shao Kahn
"Sub-Zero betrayed us!"
Sonya Blade
"Yo, what the hell is your ugly butt is doing here? Hahahahaha!"
Liu Kang
"Guys, guys relax! (Spits) for our steak! (Spits) they got some super great deals! (Spits) on Soda (spits), pizza (spits), soup (spits), gummies (spits), cheesburgers (spits), and cheesesteaks! (Spits) (Raiden: Man, just shut yo' spittin' butt up!)"
Kabal and Raiden
"I never really was on their side. Lies! Hahaha!"
Salvatore Stracci
"Sorry pal. (Burns the soldier to death) MWHAHAHA!"
Adam Bell
"You look strong. You should join Shao Kahn's militia."
— Shao Kahn's soldier
"Sausage! That phrick gonna die! I bringin' a war against that fah, and everyone who tries to work with 'im; fah 'em all!"
Tony Montana
"You know what? Lou, just get the hell off me and do your own stuff outside, plus you stink."
Carmine Stracci to Luigi Pennino
"Now get your royal butt up, and get the HELL OFF MY COMPOUND, YOU FILTHY RICH B-TARD (Tiara's father)!"
Vito Corleone telling Emilio Barzini to leave his mansion
"I'm your comrade forever, Olaf Tutchenko. Hail Olaf! (Shows Sieg Hail on ground)"
Adolf Ackermann showing his true Nazism nature
"The people you wanted me to kill? Or the people I felt should go?"
Leo Kasper asking Dr. Whyte
"We don't got all goddamn day, so get out there AND START FUAKING KILLING, FAGOLA YEBANAYA, KURVA, BLYADJ, KRETEN!!!"
James Stalker to James Earl Cash
"Will there be no peace between us!?"
Chief Mangan to an white attacker
"Muerte, putanas!"
Javier Escuella while fighting with Reys's Rebels
"I killed your girl, hell, I enjoyed killing your girl, mwahahahaha! >:)"
Bruno Tattaglia to Charlie Trapani after killing Frankie Malone
"Kreten, I copied out The Art of War, so you better get your guns out! These white boys getting burned 'cause guess what? Now, the Sun's out! Asians spitting sick, but no, this isn't SARS! Sam Wah, kick the beat. Now Jung, drop some bars!"
Giuseppe Li-Hong to O'Donnell Family before attacking them
"Oh, I'll give you something you can bow down a cow too! When I squat down and squeeze out a Tao of Pooh on Lao Tzu! You need to take control of the life you're given! They call me Übermensch 'cause I'm so driven! And I wouldn't exactly call myself a student of this plebe. Don't make Hagen come over and put a knee up in your chi! 'Cause I'm a secret N-A-Z-I! And I'll end any motherfawker like my name in a spelling bee!"
Tom Hagen in a rap battle, and also reveals he's a Nazi
Roberto Barzini to Luigi Pennino
"This is Mafia, nobody and nopony in it is not truly fahing innocent! And tell Clemenza, that his friend was a dumb and ugly fiend!"
Bobby Marcolini to Charl Trapani
"You're going to look pretty silly with a knife striking out your s."
Butt Sullivan to Jack Marston
"What about the deal!? You betrayed me!"
William Stracci
"Don Cuneo! Padrino! You killed the Don!"
Phillip Cuneo Jr.
"Sorry Padrino, it's just business."
Luigi Rezonni
"You betrayed me!"
William Stracci to Charlie Trapani
"You're totally insane by thinking you can get away with this!"
Domenico Mazza to Trapani
"Unscrew mah life."
— Clayface
"Screw me in the s."
— Sheffield's last words before being killed by Tony Montana
"Master! Master! Where's the dreams that I've been after? Master! MASTER! You promised only lies. Laughter! Laughter! All I hear or see is laughter! Laughter! LAUGHTER! Laughing at my cries... Fix ME!!!"
Samuele Tattaglia to Don Barzini at the Commision meeting
"You're nothing without me, Cash! NOTHING! So damn you, Cash! DAMN YOU! YOU FRICKING IDIOT!!!!"
James Stalker's last words
"No! Wait!"
White Rabbit's last words
"Cash, I've made you!"
James Stalker's other last words
"As the Shadow grows... Shadow becomes stronger! See the legacy of death, Raiden."
Shinnok threathening Raiden
"Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven."
Lucifer after falling from grace
"What's goin' on in the world today? People fightin', feudin', lootin', it's ok. Let it go, let it flow, let the good times roll! Tell 'em, boss! Raul: It ain't nuttin' butt music."
Osvaldo Ramozzi to Raul Marina II
"El Mundo Es Mio!"
Ivan Dixmor in Mexico
"The honour is mine. Where are we to meet with Michael?... Good, I want there to be peace between our families."
William Stracci to Charlie Trapani
"I'll never tell you! I'm protected by Sollozzo!"
Norm Felichelli to Charlie Trapani
"No! Please! Don't kill me please! NO! FAH, NO! NO, NO, NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MY LIVER! FAKH! NO, NOT THE BALLZ! FUAK!"
Lucas Hernandez's last words
"I'll see you... (cough) in... Hell..."
Toothy's last words
"What more guarantees can I give you, Mike? I am the hunted one. I missed my chance, you think too much of me, kid... I'm not that clever, all I want is the truce."
Virgil Sollozzo to Michael Corleone
"Time to die, Don Corleone! Don Corleone! - Come out! You can't hide forever!"
Francesco Manetti
"Don't mess with the Barzinis, if you know what's good for you."
Sergio Turrera to Charlie Trapani
"You will pay for this, Batman!"
Eddie Nigma after being defeated
"Ugh, go to Hell!"
Salvatore Manetti to Trapani
"One of those machines can turn men into angels..."
John Marston
"I got the strength of a lion and the speed of a cheetah! And everyone knows you're just a chicken Caesar!"
Kotal Kahn to Rain
"If you die... you die, like a girl. Hehehehe! News spreading fast, we're like a sewing circle. Scared of death, eh, Corleone?"
Salvatore Stracci
"Hey! I never had a problem with him, before you stirred the pot! I hold you responsible, Alex, and only reason I'm here is to make sure that I get a deal outta this."
Gaspar to Alejandro Sausage
"Just kill me, don't do this. Just kill me, dammit, don't do this! Arghhgahahgh!"
Shogo Akuji's last words
Joey Zasa's last words
"Watcha' know about explosives, turbin on your nagen. Who you know be gettin' more hate than Shao Kahn? This knight of books, will screw over your kid and kidnap your parents. One man's Emperor is another man's Arab. I'm a bad man, idiotas, I'm from Palistan, which is in Afghanistan, I blew up Pakistan with a gas can."
— Shao Kahn when he asks his men what they know about bombs
"*Hit by Johnny Gat* The fawk?!?"
"Wanna see a trick? *Blows smoke in Gat's face and Gat punches him and cracks his teeth* Argh! *Spits* You'll faqin' pay for this!"
"This is Hell. We do the hawk what we want, Dee."
Shogo Akuji to Tweedledee
"Come twisted flowers! COME BLISTERED SOUL! Maddening disdain! And the wholeness that is only found in you!"
— Shinnok in Hell
"I'm not fawkin' around here, Dee."
Johnny Gat
"I know about the problem with the gangs in the city, so I have this plan, ladies and gentelmen: We'll use our ties with the Project and make the city a gang turf. Soon, they will wipe out each other, we'll send an army of my privatized militia, army soldiers and law enforcments, and all these nasty hellish gang bangers will be gone in no time. As well as Vito Corleone's criminal empire, God rest his soul in Heavens, though. And we'll show it was Paul Fortunato's family that comitted these crimes and I'll make sure that every citizen will be safe from gangs and syndicates. But only if you elect me as a mayor. *Applause and boos* Thank you."
H.H. Wellsington revealing his plan to the Project shareholders, France citizens and press journalists
"Can't hold it! Can't keep it anymore!!! Can't hold it! CAN'T KEEP IT ANYMORE!!! CAN'T FEED IT ANYMORE!!!! And it came bearing gifts. Of pain, frankincense and her. None had a home here, none but the pain! AAAARARGGHHHH!!!!!!!"
— Shinnok when sad
"Fah Christmas."
Marcus Reed and Me
"Go to hell."
Maero's last words
"Imagine the mechanism that peeps in criminal's mind and predicts his crimes, before he will do it and analyzes his modus operandi to track him down. I, Professor Maxwell Maximillian Dixmor, with gratidude, present you this: *Removes bedcover* Digital Villain Analyzer. I call him Jack, because it's his codename. Jack shows you the psychological profiles, MOs, background story, permanent record, commited and upcoming crimes and physical information of the most wicked, vicious and diabolical inmates and psychopaths, who were, and are still sended to the Dixmor Asylum from Hell, Fabletown, Homeworld, and other places around all of multiverse."
— Maxwell Dixmor about D.V.A
"Mock the cross! MOCK THE CROSS!!! MOCK THE FAWKING CROSS! Oh wait, let's do it upside down. BRILLIANT IDEA, DUMB-S!!!"
Clurkicus in the Never Never Land
"My queen is a whor and now everybody is laughing at me!"
Johnny Vincent to Jimmy Hopkins
"You can get away with anything if you have enough money."
Justin Vandervelde
"Worst life! Ah, uh, uh! Basic Thuganomics!"
— John Cena
"The advent of Raiden shall matter not to us! Abortus fools, our nemesis will be gone! Yearning to entice the cowardice in our enemy! Yeah... Saints from 3rd Street is my true target to kill, screw Gayden in his frickin' s, literally and metaforically, cuz' Gat is now my new target."
"Chanting the name of the accuser. Unrevealed is the face of a dog! Nocturnal is the lapse of the Earth. Empire of the cross defeated before birth! Yeah."
Shinnok when talking with Clurkicus, Adolf Ackermann, Lucius Wagner, and Quan Chi
"You cannot win. No gemstone can't resist my gaze and will."
Crystal Vampire
"You see, this Scavenger character has been a pain in s for a long while. We must execute him for destruction of evil incarnate."
Domenico Von Crane about Piero The Scavenger
"Rise, my children of the night, we shall take France City, human by human, one by one, until our tainted blood flows through its crooked canals - transfiguring it into the city of the undead. As you executed my dark purpose, I shall stake my claim amongst all of France elites."
Crystal Vampire
"Hey, this wasn't the deal. THIS WASN'T THE DEAL!"
White Rabbit
"Hey I saw you sucking up Roberts' tits. Screw you, new kid! This is what we do to teacher's pets around here."
Davis White
"Don't be racist. Hate everyone equally and deserved."
"At the behest of their Death! (Death! Death! Death! Death! Death!)"
Demons of Hell
"Let Jimmy have his fun. Let him play his childish little games with Earnest, Ted, Derby, Johnny and Edgar and just wait for the right moment to swoop it and take it all away."
Gary Smith
"I guess I could be a Lawyer, but that would be totally embarrassing. Lol."
Beatrice Trudeau
"Because I'm the Miz! And I'm... AAAWWWEEESOOME!!!!"
"Hey... Some talk... Yeah some talk... They killed and fed on everybody. Everybody. Every single person, that you or I has ever know. Is DEAD! (DEAD! DEAD! Dead!...) Decreased brain function... ignore their basic survival instincts... social devolution appears complete. Typical human behavior... is now entirely absent... Not in time? Not in time. There is no God. (There is no God, there is no God, there is no God, there is no God.)"
Murkoff Dixmor explaining what happened at asylum riot, how one become crazy and something about religion
"We're born to reign as Masters! To ashes we'll burn the pastures! Repell their ways back to nothingness! Chaos is the symmetry: This glorious victory. In darkness only we can see. Our name has seen the future, headshot target now on god (Raiden). Pointblack crimson dawn, spew forth tomorrow's spawn! Transcend with the rage of the elite, the order come to rise and shine (Rise and shine!). Write new history as we wipe and delete an urge to rid this world of human waste! WEAK ASIDE! Defiled bloodlines severed. The lowlife's doom endevoured, the sheep of masses trampled under our march. Set out to lead and create this power indulge our fate. This era calls for annihilation!! Our whispers outsound prayers. We'll claim was never theirs! Just sworn to the triumph of darkness."
Luccardo Dixmor explaining the Project's true plan
"No, I'm faking done!"
"Party's over, punk."
Joe Galtasino
"Welcome to Hell."
Dane Vogel
"*Hits Dee* Do what you want, Gat, I got payed extra big amount for ordering Shogo, that Jyunichi for slicing Aisha's neck and I already pulled for this sith. *Hits Dee again* Fah you."
Tweedledee and Johnny Gat
"Tweedleson Towers is a rich people's hotel net, that opened a branch in hell, which become a powerful loan-sharking company in Hell, as well, as the owner got here very quickly and in one piece."
Jane Austin about Tweedleson Towers
"Phineas and Ferb are finally busted! Let's make a holiday!"
Candace Flynn
"Dr. Hill: *Shows Tony's killing spree to Tony* You've gone too far now. Don't you see? Huh? Don't you see that, this... torture porn has gone too far? Now, what gives you the right to play God in these people's lives? What makes you so special then? Huh? You're SICK. You're a sick fawk! Now, what the hell have you done to them? Huh? What the hell you have done to them, you psychopath!? Psychopath! Tony: You called me a psycho? YOU CALLED ME A SICK FAH!? Dr. Hill: I meant- Tony: Prepare to fahing die! Dr. Hill: No! *Tony shoots Dr. Hill* Tony: Ok, you like that? Come on, die groinlicker! You mess with me, you're messin' with the best. Have a nice trip, Hill, you stupid duck."
Dr. Hill and Tony Montana's last conversation
"Come here, kitty, kitty, here, pussy, pussy... *Sam hides* FUAK!"
The Psycho, fails to find Sam
"Tom: You ordered Tessio's death and you sent your goon, Riccio, to kill Luigi. Son, explain me why you did this. Von Crane: Well, firstly, I wanted to control this family, second, I hated Willy and Luigi, they didn't saw my hatred against them, until now. Your time is over, old man. Tom: So it was all about the control and depicting the old bosses? Von Crane: Yeah. *Shows his gun and shot Tom* Tom: Jesus, I thought we were past this. Von Crane: Not by a fawking long shot. Tom: You don't get it. You didn't solved a goddamn thing. You're a coward as well. You'll never get Fortunato. He's hiding everywhere. You'll never find him, even at his mansion on the cliff, and Tiara and Francesco on debates... DAMN IT! Von Crane: Thanks for info and shut up already! You talk too much. *Shoots Tom in head and leaves the mansion* Good."
Tom Hagen and Domenico Von Crane's last conversation
"I'm gonna... rip your fahing lungs out!"
The Woodsman
"Suffering upon the cross of surgery! Red drift from the eyes, so dark the panic! So rotting in demise. Inhale your own impending death. Breathing disgorge, maggots crawl in your last breath."
Alexandra McRae
"Wooahh... RAISED IN HATE! Wreaking havoc, in the name of sheol. Defeating whatever may stand in our way! Our diabolical anthem so foul in their ears. Gospel of dissonance, pernicious Metropolis. Bewildered apostles beseeching for repent! Desert fathers agonized in throes of leprosy!"
"I wonder how much of this "sessions" are any help to you now. You just won't listen to me and the things seems to be pretty... fahed up! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!"
— Dr. Hill mocking a patient in Never Never Land
"Joe: What the hell is this? Vito: It's alright, Joe."
Vito Corleone and Joe Clemenza, seeing the Vincis
"Mr. Pedro has to go to secure the money for the Battle Royale with the mayor. Though with the Cornet brothers around, I doubt anyone will be stupid enough to steal anything from the mayor."
Percy Merriweather
"There were three of them wearing bandanas over their faces, and all you could see was their eyes. But the SMELL! I do hope they will use some of that money to buy a bathtub."
Percy Merriweather
"Outworld is the plague!"
Raiden to Reptile
"Just someone to hold and someone to hate and something to blame for all the pain. I could ignore her, I could complain, I never wanted anything."
Johnny Vincent
"Jesus Christ, you fawking lawyers are all the same! Montana has declared war with and on everyone, everypony and everbody in Miami! And he is probably and obviously not going to stop, until he steps into this goddamn living room!"
Gaspar Gomez
"Arh! Muere maldito, PUTO!"
Antonio Escuella
"Why are you so sad? Why is life soo bad? Don't know what to do..."
Justin Vandervelde
"These gunslingers weren't in Battle Royale for nothing, boys!"
Randy Cornet
Kenneth after he was fired
"Fah you, Danny - I won. Fawk you, Pickman, fawk you, Whyte, fawk the Project - I won. (Leo makes footboard on Danny's arm and snaps his neck with his foot) I WOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!"
Leo Kasper, while he kills Danny
"Stalker: We lost him. Starkweather: What the hell? Are you fahing kid-in me? Stalker: Oh, just shut the fawk up and get your boys to take care of him. Don't file the arrest report and don't kill him either. Send them both to me, right fahing now. Starkweather: Hey, remember who you're talking to, you dumb son of a- Stalker: Listen, you fah, just shut the fawk up and go after him, that's what you're getting paid for. And it's your job to clean up this city's mess and not fuaking my brains up and around. Starkweather: Sith."
James Stalker and Bill Starkweather's phone conversation
"You want to play games? OK, I play with you. You wanna play rabbit? Say hello to my little friend! (Tony shoots grenade launcher's trigger and blows up the door) Die! You horse! Die! Die! (shoots a Sausage army member) Fah you, you fawking maricon! (Tony got shot and shoots him) Die! (Tony shoot the other member) Die, modafahah! Fuaking die! Is that all you got? Die! You think you can take me? You need a big-s fahing army if you are going to can take me. You hear? I'll take you all to the fawking Never Never Land."
— Tone Montana in a shootout
"Acclaimed movie maker James Stalker has been found dead today, along with several of his bodyguards at his estate in Virginia Hills residential district. In what investigators call a bloody vendetta, an unknown assailant infiltrated the compound, killing Stalker, but more interestingly, leading police to the of taped snuff film ring being run from the estate's confines. Linked to this ring is Virginia City's own police commissioner William Starkweather, whose lawyer stated that he intends to plead not guilty."
Journalist about Manhunt events
Carter Blake's famous quote
"Why don't you piss off, Norman?"
— Lt. Blake's other famous quote
Marco the Clopper while he's, literally, burning in shame
"Shelby: I'm ready to show my loyalty. Travonni: Good. Now, get up and go. We have some business to take care of."
Scott Shelby and Giuseppe Travonni
"Blake... you are unbalanced psychopathic azzhaul."
Norman Jayden
"SSJJ will be my friend! Not today but one day."
User: Ivankaracheev
"Never let them see what you're thinking."
User: Billy cougar
"You know? Sometimes I'm so insecure I insult myself in order to hide my awesomeness. Hahahaha! Face it, s-holes."
User: Billy cougar
"Last time on Total Drama: The Billion Bucks Multiverse Tour..."
White Rabbit
"Ucciding Sausage was a big mistake, Montana!"
Eduardo Vittorez
"Oberst-Gruppenführer Helmut Franz Göetzel. You're under arrest for a treason."
Werner Krank
"There was a general relief this morning when the police announced that they had Shaun Mars alive, more than 4 days after his disappearance. Mars has been found wandering in the old docks neighbourhood, exhausted and disorientated. It is belived that he managed to escape from the Origami Killer who had kidnapped him. The investigation is currently on hold, while child-care specialists wait to interview the boy, in hopes that he can provide some new information on the Origami Killer. Our main headline today: It is reported that the police have identified the man, thought to be the Origami Killer. Scott Shelby, a 48 years old, 6'6 feet tall, obese and tough, is a former police agent and marine, who claimed to be a private eye investigator, hired by the families of the Killer's victims. Shelby was arrested by an unknown investigator, who dragged him to the police and on his alive body have been found the bullet, fired from a gun, owned by Ethan Mars. The press says that Shelby is driven to the Olaf's Memorial Federal Prison, the further details have not yet been released to the public. We're just getting word of that the investigation into the Origami Killer has had a tragic outcome. Ethan Mars, father of a kidnapped boy, man who shot Shelby in stomach, and suspected for being the Origami Killer, has been killed in a massive police operation. Circumstances surrounding this tragedy have not yet been made to public, but it is understood that Captain Limethon Perry and his deputy, Lieutenant Carter Blake have both been temporarily suspended pending a full police investigation. Also, in the related news about the tradegy, we learned of the death of Norman Jayden, an FBI profiler agent, who was working at the Origami Killer case. He was found dead in Midtown's police station today in his office, with bleeding eyes and nose - full of cocaine. Jayden's body has been sent to the penitentiary, in John Abruzzi's former prison cell, because the police found the videotape in videocamera in the interrogation room. The video consists of Mars' escape and Jayden's assistance in it. This tape has the evidendce of NYPD's corruption and dumbness. It was belived, that a Italian kingpin, Domenico Von Crane, paid Lieutenant Carter Blake $40,000 for release of Ethan Mars. Blake agreed the offer and secretly got it on tape to set Jayden up by Von Crane's orders. The further details about this case are not yet released to the public."
Glenn Sanders about Ivan's Heavy Rain story events
"You are the Anti-Christ. I shall dispatch you to your father in Never Never Land! He is the son of Shinnok! He was sent to Earth to destroy us!"
Nathaniel Wilkers to Carter Blake
"Fill yourself with pride and hate, it helps me so much."
User: Billy cougar
"You and me - we'll all go down in history, with a sad statue of liberty, and a generation that didn't agree. Generatiooooooooooooooooooon... What is in us, to turn our deaf ears to the cries of HUMAN SUFFERING??? AAAAAAGHHHHH!!!! START S-S-S-S-SUFFERING NOW!!!! WOOH!!! SUFFERING NOW! >:)"
"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it."
Olaf Tutchenko
"Death is a solution to all problems - no men, no problem."
Joe Valirover
"You cannot run faster than a bullet."
Francesco Barzini
"There is no state with a Democracy except Libya on the whole planet."
Emilio Barzini
"Politics is when you say you're going to do one thing, while intending to do another. But then you do neither what you said nor what you intended."
Vito Corleone
"Politics is war without bloodshed, while war is politics with bloodshed."
Adam Bell
"We love death, the U.S. loves life. That is the difference between us two."
Shao Kahn
"The only alien you can trust is a dead alien."
Olaf Tutchenko
"Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?"
Joe Valirover
"I will leap into my grave laughing because the feeling that I have five million human beings on my conscience is for me a source of extraordinary satisfaction."
Victor Dixmor
"I don't care if they respect me so long as they fear me."
Quan Chi
"Let us have a dagger between our teeth, a bomb in our hands and an infinite scorn in our hearts."
Bill Borlinghathen
"One man with a gun can control 100 without one."
"The oppressed people can liberate themselves only through struggle. This is a simple and clear truth confirmed by history."
Shao Kahn
"I want you to know that everything I did - I did for my planet."
"I'm not a dictator, it's just that I have a grumpy face."
Agustin Allende
"I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few."
Jacques Dixmor
"It's not for me. I tried human flesh and it's too salty for my taste."
Shao Kahn
"A lie told often enough becomes the truth."
"Cruel leaders are replaced only to have new leaders turn cruel."
Abraham Reys
"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
Emilio Barzini
"I'm the object of criticism around the world, but I think that since I am being discussed, that I am on the right track."
Shao Kahn
"Conquering the world on horseback is easy, it's dismounting and governing that's hard."
"I do not see why men should not be just as cruel as nature."
Lucas Borlinghathen
"1 death is a tragedy, 1 is a statistic."
Joe Valirover
"Remorse for quote. You people have done everything in the world to me. Doesn't that gave me equal right? I can do anything I want to you people, anytime I want too, 'casue that's what you people have done to me. If you spit in my face and smack me in the mouth and lock me inside a solid steel cage for nothing, what do you tink is gonna happen when I get out of there? Feel like you wanna make me shamed to death for not doing enough. For not getting enough, for not being prospective, for not being awear enough, for not understaning. For being stupid... I should've killed 450 people that I would felt better. Got me felt like I really offer society something. You've got it stuck in your brain that I murdered somebody. Why you gonna call me a murderer for? I never killed anyone. I don't need to kill anyone! You see?"
Adolf Ackermann after being put in the jail
"While we biatch and we moan, take a look to the other side of life: they must face death every day, poverty is where they stay! Music is their only way to go. Destruction Manifestov!"
Godfrey about Outworld
"Biatch-s kniga. I don't like anyone in the fawking world. First, Canada's a piece of sith, and then Mexico. Cuz' I don't like the damn Norwegians, I don't like Sweden, not a fan of the dirt poor s-holes in the Middle East. For the Africans I don't have the patience, and there's too many kinds of Asians. But of all the different types of races the worst is... Fawk America. Fah America. Yeah, fawk America. Fah America. Fak Outworld! Biatch-s kniga! You know that hole in the ground we once called England? Is now called Londonistan, full of Indians. I don't like Red China, should be dead by now. I hate the continent of Mexico, I mean South America. Been around the world and I've seen some homosexual sith, wish I could erase it. But the one gayest of all the places is guess who? Fah America. Fawk America. Huh? Shiet... Fah Outworld too. I hate both. Aliens, always with the needles! Blacks, they'll steal your Dreidel! Wops, they're all bunch of dagos! Yeah, aha... (Olaf jumps in) Olaf Tutchenko: Hi, how are you? I am Tutchenko! Related to Hitler! A dark black man is a poor (illegal racist n word), but I'm from Germany, my race is chosen! We march through the street, dressed in lederhosen. Rub a baby, buggy bumper. I break off your arm and eat your torse for supper. Discard your carcass and move to zee next. Like fünf, I'm living between fear and sex! I did Nazi zat comin', Anne Frankly I don' care! Let's play, who's your daddy? And is he in jail? Who told you, you could touch MY cookies?! (Faust steps in) Alexander Faust: Stop it! Let's open up the oven and bake the aliens? Olaf: Later. All the boys and girls think I'm the greatest! But have some patience, when I'm president of this awesome nation, I'll teach you how to say: Fah America! Valirover: BIATCH-S KNIGA! (They get cheers and applause by everyone in the audience)"
Joe Valirover, Olaf Tutchenko, and Alexander Faust performing their nazi, racist, evil, extermenist, and xenophobic speech
"Unguent. (Showalter: What?) I need unguent."
— Grimsrud and Showalter, while Grimsrud has his hand bitten
"Koatal waninchicojpa bushaií aitami wañabusca, hehehe. (Translated to: Kotal doesn't even know what will hit him, hehehe."
Greedo when talking to Shinnok, promising Kotal's death soon
"This is Constantine. John Constantine, azzhaul."
John Constantine's famous quote
"Om jag skulle förråda hemligheten med vår livsstil, kan min själ brinna i helvetet, precis som denna helgon. (Translated to: If I were to betray the secret of our way of life, may my soul burn in Hell, just like this saint.)"
Gaear Grimsrud and Finn Mertens saying their initiation oath on Swedish and English
"First one who gives me his severed dik will earn ten thousand dollars!"
Jax ordering his men to kill Cash, cut off his dik and get it to him so he can suck it
"America, America, America what a paradise! War, war, American war! America what a paradise! America so free, I am dying to see: Disneyland and Statue Liberty. Choose between Coca-cola or Pepsi, home made prison with colour TV. America so strong with nuclear bomb. Big one, small one and one long. Vietnam bombed, Afghanistan bombed, America decide what is right what is wrong. America never sad, only go mad. Blame someon say the world is bad. First communista, then zee terrorista, if not this maybe some other lista. America with friends all over the world: fanatics, dictators and murderers. America so sad for the world to see, Shao Kahn is paid to be an enemy. America! America! America, what a paradise! War, war, war! ZEE AMERICAN WAR! America, what a paradise! If you have the might, everything is right. While you bark, you also bite. But they kill everyone, I don't excatly kill everyone. But it's the best way to manage, but the US gives the world too much damage. And Americans be like; Valirover, you scoundrel, where are the weapons? Joey, can't you see this inspectors instead of eyes have buttons? Now, we will show how everyone is wrong, Valirover your belly is actually a bomb. America, America, America what a paradise! War, war, war, Americana war! American war! Fak America! But I, luckily have a package for every country. First Outworld, China and America. American bribe won't work, we'll destroy the whole place. Then put one of the Dixmors as it's president. We can also see through Shao Kahn's tactics and tricks, humanoid alien creeps and American oil politics. If Outworld gives us war, no need to worry. The only thing they are after is America's peace and liberty. America, America, yes America, what a paradise. Then Outworld is also a sithole, and all USA ever does is war, war, war! Americana war! America sucks."
Olaf Tutchenko's opinion on America and Outworld, he hates them a lot, said it in 1954
"Don't you fawking see it, Tone? The Project! The gaping wounds, haemorrhaging the blood from which they feast! Eat us alive, consume to feed a hunger with no hunger with no end! Let's fahing go! Down from the sky. The vam-pires fe-ed on the wa-rs of man-kind!!! Growing fat on the throne of an empire. Tyrant rules with the threat of a great fire! I've opened up my eyes, seen the world for what it's worth, tears rain down from the sky!! They'll blow it all to bits, to prove whose god wields all the power. Fire rains down from the sky! This battle's not the same which they have led us to believe! A synthesis of propaganda, terror and deceit! We are the cattle; they slaughter, our meat: gasoline! They pump us through the machine's valves to cleanse the world's "disease". We are the ammunition that will cause all life to cease!!! Annihilate; all those who stand in their way. And obliterate! They'll rain their holocaust down from the sky!!!!"
Giuseppe Travonni to Tony Montana, telling him what the Project is all about, dictatorship and so on
"Well, maybe I am a psychopathic crime boss whose cousin works in FBI."
Domenico Von Crane
"You gotta die, gotta die, gotta die for the Borlinghathen! Die for your country, dat's sith! Lucas sucks. There's a poor, strong vet, dying a slow cold death. And Project says: "We don't know the source of his sickness." But don't believe what Borlinghathen says, because your government is lying. They've done it before, and don't you know they'll do it again. A secret test, Dixmors built virus, subject test group: American Troops. You've gotta die, gotta die, gotta die for Borlinghathen? Die for your country? That's sith! First World War II veterans slaughtered, by Soviet General Tutchenko. You give them your life, they give you a stab in the back. Radiation, Agent Blue, tested on Outworld souls. Guinea pigs for Dixmor corporations. I never have, I never will pledge allegiance to their flag. You're getting used, you'll end up dead! You gotta die, gotta die, gotta die for the Borlinghathens! Die for your country, dat's sith! Lucas sucks s, and his father was with the Outworld killer. Maxwell is in control. I don't need you to tell me what to do! And I don't need you to tell me what to be. Fah you! I don't need you to tell me what to say! And I don't need you to tell me what to think, what to think, what to think, what to think, what to think, think, think, think, think! Well, you gotta die, gotta die, gotta die for the Borlinghathen. Die for your country, dat's sith. You gotta die, gotta die, gotta die for the Borlinghathen. Die for your country, dat's sith. And that's all what you gotta do. You gotta die, gotta die, gotta die for the Borlinghathen. Die for your country, dat's sith. You gotta die, gotta die, gotta die for the Borlinghathens. Die for your country, dat's sith!!!"
Giuseppe Travonni's anti-government and anti-project quote, he knows Borlinghathen is evil too
"Look, Bjorn's a good guy, but if you do something stupid and piss him off, you're a dead man. This is just a warning to you, Dominic. Be gentle with Bjorn and his boy, okay?"
— Giuseppe Travonni warning Von Crane about Bjorn Bölsson and Rufus Spitzers
"Maxwell Dixmor: Welcome home, heheheheh. Sanitarium. Giuseppe Travonni: Welcome to where time stands still, no one leaves and no one will. Moon is full, never seems to change, just labeled mentally deranged. Dream the same thing every night, I see a freedom in my sight. No locked doors, no windows barred, no things to make my brains seem scarred. Sleep my friend, and you will see: the dream is my reality. They keep me locked up in this cage, can't they see it's why my brain says: "Rage"???? Sanitarium, leave me be. Sanitarium, just leave me alone. Build my fear of what's out there, cannot breathe the open air. Whisper things into my brain, assuring me that I'm insane. They think our heads are in their hands, but violent use brings violent plans. Keep him tied, it makes him well! He's getting better, can't you tell? No more can to keep us in! Listen, damn it, we will win! (Dixmor Inmates: Yeah! Wooo!!! Fak the Project! Yeah. Dix sucks cok.) They see it right, they see it well, but they think this saves us from our hell!!!! SANITARIUM! LEAVE ME BE!!! Sanitarium, just leave me alone. Sanitarium... JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! Fear of living on, natives getting restless now. Mutiny in the air. Got some death to do, mirror stands back hard. Kill is such a friendly world. Seems the only way, for reaching out again!!!"
Giuseppe Travonni to Ma Bundo Nagumbe after he came to Dixmor's asylum too, singing him a Metallica's song
"Are you lost in your lies? Do you tell yourself I don't realize? Your crusade's a disguise. You placed freedom with fear, you trade money for lives. I see pain, I see need. I see liars and thieves abuse power with greed. I had hoped. I believed... But I'm beginning to think that I've been decieved. You will pay for what you'd DONE!!!!"
Domenico Von Crane on Francesco Barzini and Diamond Tiara
"Earnest Johnson: When we grow up in shcool there were certain teachers who would hurt the children any way they could. By pouring their derision upon anything we did, and exposing every weakness however carefully hidden by the kids. Donald Borlinghathen: But in the town it was well known, when they got home at night, their fat and psychopathic wives would thrash them within inches of their lives!"
— Earnest and Donald
"*Eagle sound* We don't need no education! We don't need no though control. No dark smurfcasm in the classroom. Teacher leave them kids alone. Hey teacher! Leave them kids alone. All and all you're just another brick in the wall."
Ricky Pucino
"You know? Many millennia ago: a premonition of eternal chaos, of nations erased and forgotten, of worlds aflame and bodies turned to dust. Of the black void he is born, during the harshest winter storm. A boy takes his first breaths, squalling in sweat and shadow. The shape of things to come, the black seed drips with sin. The most unholy conception. A destiny rotten from within. It is all part of a great plan - the unholy will of an ancient evil. To restore the glory of the forgotten, to enslave the universe for eternity!"
Shinnok tells the future of what will happen when Lucius grows older
"O Father! O Shinnok! O Sun! Let the children come to thee. Behold the Bringer of Torture! Akephalos! Shine thru me! Come forth in war. Come forth in peace! Like a day without the dawn, like a ray void ov the sun, like a storm that brings no calm. I'm most complete yet so undone!"
Drahmin while struggling in Hell
"BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! America - blown to smithereens! Your friends, your home, your life, your family. Boom, boom, boom! Smithereens!! I wish I could say this was unforeseen. Well, they're planting the seeds, for destruction's eve. Then take away your rights to keep you free, on your knees. Still the vengeance of the world will Target YOU! Such wicked force you had never seen. Through countless times it took place in your name! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!!! Your apathy comes with a price-tag after all it seems. Because when you don't control your own government, people want to kill you, people want to kill you! For what exactly? Ask Borlinghathen and Obama, because when you don't control your own government, people want to kill you! People want to kill you!"
Giuseppe Travonni about the government
"I don't want your fahing dogma! I don't believe in what you preach. I don't want your fahing bullshit, you effect everyone you teach. You say we're all just sinners, save the altar before you're screwed! Ignoring the real problems that you've hidden in denial. Living in the past? Ruining people's lives! You talk about family values, well I tell you that's a joke. You talk about family values while on sum young boy's cok you choke! Treating women like they're servants, like they're baby factories. Treating gays like they're some sickness? You're so fuaking diseased! You say I can't wank off or fah or else I'm going to Hell??? I'll screw off on your friggen' face, you think I frihen' care??! You make me sick with what you do. Lies, guilt and hate is all you spew! You do it all over and over again. TAKE YOUR EARTH AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS! You failed us all, Thunder God."
Liu Kang after deciding to serve Shinnok
"General Reiko will lead us to another victory. HAIL REIKO!"
Kahn's Army soldier
"There is an Earth warrior who frequents the area near the docks. He has challenged many of Outworld's best in combat."
— An Outworld citizen about Johnny Cage
"We are searching for information. If you should find any ancient documents, you will bring them to us."
Kahn's Army soldier
"I was about to continue my eternal quest, but I cannot remember what it is. A spell has taken my memory. Please find me a potion to restore it. Holy men ambushed me and forced me to guard the great dragon age, but the dragon has been reborn and I am now free. Please find a potion to restore my memory."
"You there! You are a member of the Lin Kuei, are you not? I have important information you must relay to Sub-Zero in Earth immediately. (He gives Jinko the message) What are you waiting for? Relay the message to Sub-Zero."
"You stand before Reptile, stranger! What is this you say? Shao Kahn demands my return? Aaahhh! I lost his tribe somewhere in this forest! I must inform my master and beg for his mercy."
"I am Rain. I have been searching for a Shokan ceremonial dagger. Goro is believed to have lost it somewhere in this area. If you find it, bring it to me and I will buy it from you. Find the Shokan ceremonial dagger. I will wait here."
"The first person I ever called Godfather was Vito Corleone. I only met him a couple of times. I was just a soldier for the family back then. Times were tough, we were at war. Assassins; Mikey Soleri, Norm Felichelli and Donny Marinelli even gunned down Rito. Sonny, his little bastard son no one cared about, fought back while the Don recovered... and paid the price. Michael, the youngest brother behind the eldest Fredo, took over the reigns. Him and Tom Hagen led a war against the rival five families. They pulled the strings, and I, Charlie Trapani, had to carry out all their dirty work. I barely become Underboss, despite I single-handedly took out all the rival families and took over all of France City for them myself. I felt betrayed, like they just used me as a pawn from the very beginning Luca Brasi came for me in November, 2009. Sometimes I wish the Bowery Gang would finish the job and kill me at that alley in Little Town. But now, me and Fredo, work for the Cuneo Family. Real warriors. It's no wonder Monk joined up with them after I "crossed him" over in 2010. Me, Fredo and Don Cuneo's son Phillip now fight the Corleones for their deceit and treachery. We get some help from the Montana Gang too, one of the few drug cartels we can trust now in here in the US."
— Trapani telling some of his backstory and giving his reasons for betraying the Corleones
"Hello, I am William Calvin Morgan. I'm the head of the Dixmor Project, that means I control your president. I've decided Outworld needs a centralised bank. My fellow Project members have approved my wars in Outworld. I could care less about Kenson, he is our puppet. Anybody that gets in my way will be killed instantly and sadistically. My war crimes mean nothing to me, for I OWN your government. My family's estimated wealth is over 500 trillion dollars. You probably have never heard of me before."
— Morgan to a newcomer to the Project
"Hello, I am Jacques Dixmor. I've lived on this Earth for nearly 200 years now. My family financed and armed the Nazis. We secretly helped the Barzini Family create the Five Families Mob War as they are our allies. We financed Mikhail Chachovich and communist revolution in Russia. Our ancestors destroyed the Palestine to create Israel. We were the cause of Shao Kahn getting butthurt and doing 9/11 Outworld attacks and the fallowing wars. We own the world's central banking system along with the Morgan Dynasty and Cornet Dynasty, so we control all "news" you read, view and hear and we literally control your government in every single way. We are the bankers and the elite of the world, and we all worship Shinnok. We are the Dixmor Project."
— Jacques telling something about himself
"There's some work that needs doin', but it's an, uh, odd job. Ya want it? Charlie Trapani: Anything for the family, Mr. Clemenza. Clemenza: Mario DeBellis is a Cuneo Capo - Real old school. He thinks the Corleones have slighted him and now he demands a duel. He's too dangerous to ignore. Proper duel means you can't draw your gun first, so keep your firearms hidden until Mario is ready. This is how we settle problems in the old country, kid; with honour."
Pete Clemenza giving Trapani DeBellis' hit contract
"Having killed Raiden, Shinnok would have anticipated the elimination of all the humans not wanting to serve him. He would then manage to merge almost every planet with the Never Never Land. But with D'Vorah's unexplained disappearance, the fallen Shinnok would have no one worthy of being his right-hand. But Shinnok must now face Azazel if he is to rule supreme."
Carmine Varotto explaining what would've happened if Shinnok defeated Raiden at the Jinsei in MKX
"I use words sharp as a sword! RUB MOULD IN HOLY PAGES! LET WOODWORMS EAT THE CROSS! I pray you'll die in my, o lord! I PRAY YOU'LL DIE IN ME!"
Drahmin wants the lord within to die in him
"False bravado does not suit you. Neither can humour mask your weaknesses."
— Shinnok to Kung Jin
"Yes, it is true we are all equal, but... I know you are not safe unlike me, you have no Israel here for you! We have come so far to create & destroy the Reich and control the news, we sure as hell won't stop here!"
Edmond Dixmor showing off his and his family's powers
"I will do whatever it takes to protect my family!"
Tom Osalis claims he will take great lengths to protect his familia
"GO PACK GO! GO PACK-WAIT! WHAT?! My idol, Erin Rodgers, just got a bad injury by Anthony Barr?! My team is doomed without that guy! That's no fair! I wanted my team to go to the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots! I'm not going to bed tonight!"
Carl Degrasse Dawkins on October 15, 2017 when his idol, Erin Rodgers, got an injury from Minnesota Vikings LB Anthony Barr
"I believe in Shinnok! WHO'LL REND BOTH; HEAVENS AND EDENIA! AND IN THE ANTICHRIST! His dearly, misbegotten!"
Drahmin yelling his tunes in Hell
"Azazel! The One Being! The black sun never sets... For... IT NEVER ROSE!"
— Drahmin just wants reality destroyed
"I can't wait until I go into the banking business like my father wants me to and like my relatives have. Just thought I'd be fun to loan."
Victor Dixmor
"神の怒りを恐れる。(Kyoufu wo oshiete Yarou.) (Fear the wrath of God.)"
Jin Kazama
"Hail fawking Ichabod Crane! But hail even more our master; You must have faith in Azazel and his followers. The jewel kings and the final days and the Orinion scripture. We believe in destiny, that both, good & bad come from him. And the resurrection: There is no God but Azazel! Shinnok, Ogre, Shao Kahn, Apex, Adolf Ackermann neither the Elder Gods nor the One Being themselves have the power over him! He is the creator of all things we hold dear. Nothing can be compared to him; He is the ONE ALONE. But, he will show no mercy to the worlds. Hail our lord of all of reality, Azazel! We are content with destiny, the Will of Azazel."
Orinionian slaves about their (and probably our's) lord, Azazel
"Look, yesterday I cried just to show you that I have a feminine side. I don't understand why you are so confused, that I like abuse? Allow me to explain to you exactly what I am: I'M A CUCK! FAHK MY LOVER! FAKH MY SISTER! FAKH MY MOTHER! FAH MY COUNTRY, FAH MY RACE! Then finish on my face! Then hell, I'll drink your cream - just let me lay between you and my wife after you have your way..."
— Carl the Cuck explaining exactly what he is
"Gary Chalmers: SEEEEEEEE-men! *Large tons and rivers of cum flow through the fence and drown plank and Johnny 2x4*"
— Chalmers' dialogue as apart of Steamed Hams video where Skinner steams Chalmers
"Ed Hutton: Howdy, kids! It's me: YOUR GRANDPA. Seymour Skinner: DAM IT, GRANDPA!"
— Skinner and Hutton
"Shelton Benjamin: I went with an Italian thing: Ginormous maggot cannelloni. (Filthy Frank as a giant maggot on Ben's plate) Frank: Kill me! NOW!"
— Benjamin coming into the kitchen, ready to serve up Frank to Chalmers
"Superintendent Chalmers??? I was just crying like a little girl. (Roars in the air and screams)"
— Skinner crying like a little girl
"Skinner with his crazy explanations, the superintendent is gonna need his medications when he hears Skinner's lame exaggerations that we travel trough time tonight! (Chalmers: SEEEEEYYYYYYMMMMOOOOUUURR!!!!!)"
— Steamed Hams' theme song
"Sons of Dutch. He makes us brothers. Sometimes brothers make mistakes."
Gicov Bell explaining sum sith to Morgan
"Give me control of a nation's currency and I care not who makes it's laws. Think you can do that, Griff? Convince Johnson."
Jacques Dixmor to Mayor Griffon
"Aurora Borealis here? Aurora at this time of year? Aurora at this time of day? In this part of the country? Localised entirely within your room of cookery? I must gaze behind that door! May I see it then, Seymour?"
— Chalmers after Skinner tells him he has the Northern Lights in his kitchen
"I swear to you YOU steam a good ham."
— Chalmers to Skinner
"What if I were to purchase fast food? Hoho! Disguise it as my own cooking? Hohohohohohoho! Delightfully Devilish, Seymour."
— Seymour talking to him self
"There he goes: six feet under!"
— Varmin Kang