is a console software publishing company. They are currently the publishers of the World of War series.



In ProductionEdit



Progress of the SeriesEdit

Lately, there have been signs of inactivity amongst the World of War series. When asked about this, PremierVision replied:

"We are spending our time creating new engines and technologies for our latest innovations. We do not want to sell games quickly, instead we want to tweak and refine our current ideas, and fix any major or minor problems with any of our games that have been released. We as a team have been working hard trying to bring ideas into our next game, and new, innovative characters and settings that will give our game a great revenue. Details of our current projects will be released in the near future, but for now, we are tweaking the logistics of our games to refine gameplay quality and performance. We have not left the series, and we are not close to doing such a thing, and we will hope to bring you quality games in the near future."

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