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Phillip Cuneo
Biographical information
Real name Phillip Cuneo Sr.
Also known as Phill, Cuneo, Chocolate Man, Philly, Phillip, Red Boss, Don Cuneo, padrino
Nationality Italian flag Italian
Born 9th of April, 1954
Died 2011
Age 57
Status Deceased
Birthplace Villabate, Sicily, Italy
Cause of death/incarceration Shot in multiple body parts 4 times from a pistol by Willie Sissy, while locked in the revolving door (Film)
Shot 10 times in the stomach by Willie Sissy (Game)
Physical description
Eye colour Brown, green in the movie
Hair colour Brown with grey streaks, grey in the movie
Ethnicity White
Height 5'11
Weight 83kg
Blood type A+
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Cuneo Family, Tattaglia Family, Stracci Family
Occupation(s) Chocolate company owner, Don of Cuneo Family
Notable family members Marco Cuneo (son), Phillip Cuneo Jr. (son), Carmin Cuneo (son), George Cuneo (half-brother), Marge Cuneo (wife), Rudolph Tattaglia (brother-in-law), Don Tattaglia (brother-in-law), Garnet (sister), Clarence (adopted son), Tobias Cuneo (older brother), Salvatore Cuneo (brother), Sweetie Belle (adopted daughter), Elvis Smoth (adopted son)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) The Godfather Game, The Godfather: Control of France City (mentioned)
Voiced by (English) Jarion Monroe
"Lousy doublecrossin' snakes!"
— Phillip Cuneo regarding Corleones

Phillip Cuneo was an Italian Mafiosi and the first boss of the Cuneo Family, one of France City's Five Families of the 2000's. Cuneo was known to be a softer mob boss and middler of his siblings, refusing to sell drugs to children, and rather investing in the chocolate delivery business, using the milk trucks as a front, getting his nickname "The Chocolate Man" from his involvement in this practice. Cuneo was gunned down at the Savannah Hotel in 2011 and replaced as a Don by his youngest son Carmin Cuneo.


Phillip Cuneo Sr. was born in the town of Villabate, in Sicily, Italy. In 1996 his family immigrated from Sicily to Old Town, France City, France, on a transport plane, and they were very poor, living in a tenement. Cuneo became involved in pickpocketing and other petty crimes for which he was caught in 2000, but was let off after a fine of $500.

Cuneo managed a small group of robbers known as the "Old Town Boys", and in 2001, Cuneo founded the Cuneo Family. The Cuneo family was based in Old Town, which became Phillip's new base of operations, building a home for himself near the Marseille, France railroad line's end in northern Old Town, by the seaport. 

As a small-time mafiosi, he began his career by extorting Leo's Milk Trucks, a company of milk deliverers, and made lots of money off of the business. He also refused to invest in any businesses that could hurt any children, as his wife was always a lover of small ones. Phill gained representation on the Commission by 2003 and became the Vice-Chairman of it. 

Role in the War

Cuneo's outfit became one of France's Five Families of organized crime after taking over large amounts of the Barzini Family's turf in Mid Town in 2005 in a gang war that left several dead on both sides, but he arranged a peace treaty by 2010, when drug dealer Virgil Sollozzo arrived in France and arranged cooperation between the families via the drug trade. Barzini family's pony, Diamond Tiara even invited Silver Spoon and two Cuneo men, Fredo Buttowski and Clarence over for a tea party at the Barzini mansion soon after. When the Corleone Family murdered Sollozzo following a year of fighting between their asses, The Five Families Mob War broke out, and Don Cuneo joined the four families' alliance against the Corleones, because Vito Corleone had all of the politicians in his pocket, and he wanted a slice of the winnings for the war. 

The Cuneos played a large part in the war, but lost most of their made men and fronts to Corleone attacks, with their financial assassin in New Town, Nicholas Klaus, being strangulated at a New Years' Day 2011. Phillip arranged a peace with the Corleones in 2011, but small-scale turf warfare continued. When Vito Corleone steped down as boss, his son Michael Corleone prepeared to get rid of the last enemies to the family to consolidate Corleone control over France.


"Die! You black rat!"
— Phillip Cuneo to Vito Corleone
"I don't know, what you think, Carmin, my dearest son?"
— Phillip during the Dons' meeting
"Never! You will pay for your disrespect! Very soon."
— Phillip to Vito before leaving his mansion
"You gave us your word, and now this?"
— Phillip to Trapani and Willie before being killed
"You see, Stracci, your family likes to kill people without compassion. Is this your faking maniacal sithy fetish or what!?"
— Phillip at the Dons' meeting, insulting Don Stracci
"Don Tattaglia, your brother is sharing blood with us - let's hope that we become a powerful family one day, and stick together."
— Phillip to Tattaglia at the Dons' meeting
"Don Barzini, if you're so rich and love to brag everytime so damn much, yes? You do. Is that one of your so called liked habits or is your real habit thinking about "How I'm greedy and what more mobsters will I control" or something like that?"
— Phillip at the Dons' meeting, insulting Master Emilio Barzini

Personality and traits

Cuneo was known as an affable and good-natured figure, who was usually seen wearing a red fedora and carrying copious amounts of sweets in his pockets to bestow upon his children or of his business associates. Such behaviour made him pass by the law unsuspected.


Cuneo was at the Savannah Hotel in Midtown collecting protection money along with his son, Phillip Cuneo Jr. when Willie Sissy and Charlie Trapani were sent to murder him. As he left the revolving door, he was gunned down on the stairs of the hotel and shot 10 times in the stomach, and his son Carmin Cuneo became boss.