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Oscar Zavarelle
Oscar Zavarelle
Nickname(s) Ossy, Ossie, Oscar, Zavarelle, Donkey for the fire ones, Zave, woman beater
Appears in The Godfather Game
Rank Killer, rapist, Stracci Capo
Affiliations Stracci Family, Leo Grossi
Status Deceased
Killed By Charlie Trapani
Birth 5th of May, 1971, Little Town, France City, France
Sex Male
Death April 2010, Old Town, France City, France, Europe
Weapon Magnum, knife, Hand Dildo
Voice Actor Joe Paulino
"The biatch got what she deserved!"
— Oscar

Oscar Zavarelle was one of the four of Stracci family's capos, the other three being Leo Grossi, Carmine Stracci and Bobby Toro.


A close friend of Leo Grossi, Oscar was known as a sleazy woman beater who calls young girls "bonus fight". Despite these vices, he was known as a mad executioner who could also charm his way past shop bosses and merchants. He was known to have a fierce hatred of the Corleone family's associate, Crazy Horse.


"That fawking thug Oscar Zavarelle had beaten up my sister, and now he's going to pay, with suffering! I want you to make him bleed. Oscar is very known to like beat women, he is going to bleed today. You kill him by shooting him in leg, stomach, shoulder and then head."
— Crazy Horse to Charlie

Despite numerous attempts to bring down his rival, Crazy Horse, Zavarelle failed, and instead found revenge by sexually assaulting Horse's sister. This act cost him his life, as Zavarelle was brutally executed by Charlie Trapani in the sewers of Old Town after he was ratted out by one of his own, underpaid guards.