Operation Dean O'Donnell is an operation conducted in the game Call of Duty: Future Warfare 2.


The player starts in a lone base where WarForce115 is formed. The player has to train and gain new tactics for war and the team soon set off to a Cargo Ship for intel on where Mjr. Rebrazov is, they find the intel and head off to a 'meeting'. They snipe Rebrazov and retreat.


The player then has to crawl through Afghanistan in a Ghillie suit towards Devil's Point, a millitary base. You get captured and have to face interrogation, until you escape and head off to kill Dean O'Donnell.

The Real ThingEdit

The other playable character controls the turret of a helicopter to insure that the force get into the base safely. The team gets to and kills Dean O'Donnell, shortly after he sets off a nuclear explosion and the game ends with the player and teammates dying from the blast.

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