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Operation: Stand Alone
Call of Duty: The Warriors
Operator Five-Nine Bravo
U.S. Marines
Thompson M1928, M1911, M1 Garand
3rd of December, 1944
Rescue Harrison Baker
Japanese Imperial Army

Operation: Stand Alone is the first level in Call of Duty: The Warriors. It is a flashback to World War II. The player is first taken control of after a cut-scene about World War 2 is shown, the first mission is a flashback from later times, focusing on the secondary playable character, Operator Five-Nine Bravo, who was fighting on that date. He parachutes out of a cargo aircraft after enemy resistance was found in the village. The team are there to find Harrison Baker, a HVI who has been captured. The team reach the Safehouse and then get betrayed and Leonard is killed, the player, punches Baker until he makes his escape.



Leonard - "Last Year, we lost so many brave and good soldiers, to the wrath of these, Japanese people. We never thought that only 2 marines would stay alive 'till the end. We are the last people on the Japanese Island, to be American soldiers, people who use tactics, instead of bullshit that never gets them through."

Op. 5-9 B - "We sure do think of these brave people, who killed themself in vain... It's a war."

Missions in Call of Duty: The Warriors
Act I

Operation: Stand Alone - Perfectionist - Bullets Hurt - Urbano - Too Much to Handle

Act II

This Means War - Heir Hunters - The Night of Fright - Echo Delta Charlie - Going to a Place we Don't Actually Know - The Lake


Dual Op. - Hell Under the Rotors - Baker's Wrath - Crashdown

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