"We're pushing deeper and deeper everyday. The Americans have gone as far as to push Shadow Company into Nunavat. We're torturing any traitors, and hell, we're gonna win this war."
Salmon, as he prepares to assasnate a General
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Operation: Black Dragon Recon
Modern Warfare 4
Unknown Recon Pilot

John Price



Bomb Moscow

Bomb Kremlin

Bomb President's House

Kill the President

Russian Air Force

Russian Secret Service

Multiplayer map
Moscow Hotel

Operation: Black Dragon Recon is the fifteeth level in Modern Warfare 4.


Starting soon after the SAS invasion of Russia, they plan on destroying Moscow, as the Army Rangers plan to join in the next day or so.

It starts with a gunner inside of a small plane, with the chance to pay revenge, by bombing everything in sight, killing civillians and militarry troops alike, but they learn that Russia's president Viktor Mumative is currently inside his house, as they drop bombs on that as well, and destroy the Soviet Kremlin, tearing Moscow to pieces.

They learn however, that Moscow Militarry Academy #654 has several anti-aircraft weapons, blowing up everyone's plane, as it too is destroyed.

Price's squad, on the ground decides to confirm and kill President Mumative, as they battle through the streets of Moscow, facing Russian Secret Service agents, finding it tough as the Secret Service troops attempt suicide bombings on the squad, but they're attmepts are useless, as Price captures Mumative.

Giving him a hard beating on the head with his rifle, Price executes him with a USP .45, leaving them to get to the outskirts of Moscow, while the Secret Service troops come back, armed with better equiment and rifles, as only Price and Salmon survive, planning to find information on Soap's location.