"We've fought for a while now! For the first time in decades, we will make peace! ORAH!"
— Major Hill, giving his men a pep talk
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One Push! One War!
Modern Warfare 4
Captain Andrew Michael
United States Marine Corps
Nunavat Tundra
Kill as many Shadow Company troops as you can

Meet the Army Ranger radio operator

Get into cover!

Check on your men

Shadow Company

Russian Bombers

Multiplayer map

One Push! One War! is the sixteenth level in Modern Warfare 4.


Captain Michael, watches a naked Shadow Company P.O.W. being beaten and evantually executed executed by his best troop, Corporal Bill Taylor. A radio call comes in, with the final push into Russia, and the evantual defeat of Shadow Company.

Finally, the rush starts, with Shadow troops rushing the tent with M4A1 Carbines with bayonets, while being murdered by the more prepared and well armed Marines, with Michael and Taylor moving into deeper territory, with sniper rifles popping shots at his squad, but they continue to burn through the Shadow Company's base, killing the unprepared troops.

Shadow Company, however counterattacks with a few tanks, circling in the Marines, and sending out a assault helicoptor, leaving the Marines to die, but luckily, the United States Army Rangers come in to help with Stingers and FGM-148 Javelins, with Sergeant Foley operating as the control of his men, and as a radio operator, calling in bombings on Shadow Company troops, helping psuh them into Russia.

Foley however hacks into Shadow Company's radio, and finds that a napalm bombing will spread over this battleground, as Foley, Dunn and Michael run for cover, when they see bomber planes coming, and both sides being burned, as only three people survive, the rest burned to death.