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Oliver Corleone
Oliver Korleone
Biographical information
Real name Oliver Giancarlo Corleone
Also known as Olly, Psycho, grandsonny, Oliver, Olive, Oliveeye, son
Nationality Italian flag Italian
Born 23rd of May, 2011
Age 6
Status Alive
Birthplace Little Town, France City, France
Physical description
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian-Aryan-Latin
Height 54cm
Weight 44kg
Blood type A+
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Corleone Family
Notable family members Michael Corleone (father), Connie Corleone (mother), Fredo Corleone (uncle), Santino Corleone (uncle), Vito Corleone (grandfather), Carmela Corleone (grandmother), Marty Malone (adopted brother), Frankie Malone (adopted sister), Sal Tessio (adopted relative), Rarity (adopted aunt)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) The Godfather Games
Portrayed by Anthony Gounaris
— Oliver to Michael

Oliver Giancarlo Corleone is the son of Michael Corleone and Connie Corleone.


Oliver was described as a crazy, and stupid child by his father, but, however he was able to defend himself, even sometimes attacking Michael with a pen if he was pushed too far. He was also the only person present at the death of other 4 Families Dons, in the Little Town church. In his youth he gained an interest in opera after listening to the music of Ludwig van Beethoven with his mother, Connie Corleone.

At Lake Tahoe

In 2013, Oliver had his first communion, a very important moment for many Catholics in their childhood. It continued with an extravagant banquet held in his honour at the family mall in Lake Tahoe. During this banquet, his father was largely tied up with family business. Olly received many gifts, mostly from people he did not know. Wanting only to be far away from his father, he drew a picture of a car and placed it on Connie's bed, which would be discovered only moments before Mikey went mad with power. Despite showing a little interest in him, Michael would treasure this drawing and keep it with him into his insanity.

Death of his father

Months later, while the family was back in France, he overheard Michael saying he is going to kill him and his mother, making him worried as hell. However, Oliver rather saw it when a couple of Corleone mobsters walked to his father's office and brutally killed him. Oliver actually seemed to be happy about it, very happy. He also developed a friendship with his grandfather's cousin Nicky and was due to go to his restaurant with him, until Nicky told him to live with his mother, Connie, ostensibly to get ready to go to Nebraska. Still 'cause his father was so evil to him, he also thought of siding with the Fortunato Regime in the future because of his not-so-caring father. Later after Paul Fortunato thought of stealing France from Corleones, Oliver was so eager to become a mobster and helped Paul Fortunato's crew. He is now old 4 and can already talk a little and understand the Mafia ways.