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Offshore Score
Call of Duty: Future Warfare: 2029-2039
LAC Jonathan King
No. 63 Squadron, RAAF
MP5SD (30 + 330 rounds), Silenced USP .45 (12 + 60 rounds), Minigun on Sikorsky S-70 and Smoke Grenades
Luda, China
November 10th, 2029
Use the Minigun and take out the SAM sites.
Keep hidden and make sure that the Chinese assume your dead.
Take out the men before they kill the old man.
Return the Ocean side.
Get on the boat and reach the destroyers.
Take control of three destroyers.
Get back to topside for extraction.
Chinese Army, Navy and Air Force
Multiplayer map
Destroyer, City and Bridge

Walkthrough Edit

The Air force comes for a sweep for SAM sites. They manage to take out all of the SAM sites but are shot down and only a few survive. The remaining Air Force men go for a stealth mission to make sure that the Chinese think they are dead. After making it to a bridge. They spot a man being interrogated by Chinese soldier. The Australians kill them and save the old man. They then return to the Ocean Side and use a boat to get to some destroyers. They use stealth and clear out three destroyers and take control of them. But as just as they are about to leave the third and last destroy, it is attack by MiGs and they all are forced to get back to topside before it sinks.

Transcript Edit

(Level starts off with the play in a S-70.)

  • FLTLT. Atkins:

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