Oberstes Korps logo

Oberstes Korps logo.

The Oberstes Korps (English: Supreme Corps) are an enemy seen in Fall of Nations. They are scattered around the Alvonian Parliament in the scenario "Heart of Alvonia".

Disipline and TrainingEdit

The Oberstes Korps were created by Hidolf Atler to serve as anti-terrorist and later as personal security for Hidolf Atler and his sucessors. They were trained to kill any enemy in any way possible, even using spoons if they wished. Part of their training process was to swear complete loyalty for not only Hidolf and his sucessors, but to Alvonia itself and to never recognize any government other than one Hidolf had selected.


Trained in a variety of weapons, standard weapons are AKS-74U assault rifles, WA2000 sniper rifles and M1014 shotguns, Stingray pistols and Bomber revolvers.

Appearence in "Fall of Nations"Edit

The Oberstes Korps are listed as enemies in the Italian Campaign for Artemis Global Security. Their only mission is the invasion of Parliament in Monte Casino, Alvonia.

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