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Biographical information
Real name Jim Alexander
Also known as Jim, J, Nov, Weak sauce, Democrat, The Diplomat, ParadoxNova
Nationality Not admitted
Born 23rd of May, 1993
Age 25
Status Alive
Birthplace Austin, Texas, USA
Physical description
Eye colour Red
Hair colour Black
Ethnicity Red, black
Height 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight 132 lbs (61kg)
Blood type AB+
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Prime, Paradox, Luminox, CY-Berg, The Camo Army, Minecraft Patrol
Occupation(s) Camo Officer, recruiter (Minecraft)
Notable family members None
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Any popular games, lol

Nova is a made up character created by Paradox.

About Nova

Nova is usually the weakest and smallest member of Paradox's group, which is why Paradox called him a 'Weak sauce'. He's also a Democrat, like Bif Taylor. None of the girls like him but he likes to impress one by showing his archery skill. He is also rather short and skinny. He claims he cannot defeat someone larger than him alone, logically. If you face Paradox in a boss fight, he is one of the helping defenders and will tackle the enemy down and throw him away, including larger enemies despite his height and claims. He will most likey take over as a leader of Paradox's group but is currently running to become second-in-command. However, Paradox only considers him a lieutenant. He, along with other of Dox's boys, later went to Dixmor Academy but never enrolled there. No one noticed them there either.


He spends a lot of his time in the team so he is considered a Diplomat like Kung Jin, and is known from his democratic viewpoints. Receiving his diploma, he somewhat graduated.


One of his enemies is Nectron, who is in fact Paradox's arch enemy. Nova's sworn arch enemy however, is Comet due to his bullying of Nova. Nova still is very mad about that. In 2016, at last he finally beat up Comet for all the bullying he had to take for months. As expected, all enemies of Paradox's are also his enemies.


  • He is a weak sauce.
  • Should you get close to Paradox in a boss fight, he will run and throw you around. You can challenge Paradox anytime if desired.
  • Nova is dark but good. Paradox took Nova's name as ParadoxNova.
  • If provoked, he will taunt back, even larger enemies. Nova is considered a "coward" ignorantly just because he is weaker than most of his comrades.
    • Nova is also the least popular of Paradox's group.
  • His ethnicity is not identified yet...


Nova: Paradox?

Paradox: Yes?

Nova: Does any girl like you?

Paradox: Yes.

Nova: Awww, I'm nothing.

Paradox: For a reason and starters, you are short.

Nova: I'm usually a Democrat (like that has to do with anything). I bet you pick one gf.

Paradox: Lol, I don't know yet. Nova, gain height.

Nova: I don't think anyone can.



Nova, hanging out in the city alone like the loner that he is.


Nova skating alone.


Paradox, pulling a prank on Nova on the streets.


Nova's selfie with Paradox in Portugal.