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Shock and Awe
Nothing is Easy
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Sgt. Riley "Poach" Parker
Wolf Company and Russian Loyalist
M4A2 and Desert Eagle/Poach's Desert Eagle (with Poach's painted eggs on the barrel)
New Town
Day 5, 2018
Kill Olga Radanovich
Escape New Town
Ultranationalists and Russian Mafia
Multiplayer map
New Town
"Poach! Get outta there now!"
— Salmon
"Roger that, Captain."
— Parker

Walkthrough Edit

Riley has the dossier on General Nikita Radanovich and his daugter Olga Radanovich. He kills her then escape New Town. He makes down the hill but his shot in the leg by a Russian. He then crawls to the helicopter. He then stands up with the help of Kamarov to the helicopter but both is shot by Viktor and the dossier is taken by Viktor and he rolls Poach's body over.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

USMC logo changes to th Wolf Company logo again

"Get outta there, hostile are moving onto your six. You don't have time! And assassinate Olga it'll weaken Nikita."
— Salmon

Ingame Edit

(Blake is firing some shots to the west.)

  • Blake: We must go west.
  • Poach: We have to wait for Olga.
  • Blake: Okay.

(They fight off some soldiers then Olga shows up.)

  • Olga: Pathetic
  • Poach: Pathetic? I'll show you, pathetic!

(Olga shoots Blake.)

  • Olga: Now you're on your own

(Poach fights Olga and gains the upper hand and shoots her.)

  • Salmon: Get outta there!
  • Poach: Roger that.

(Poach cuts through a forest.)

  • Salmon: Keep going!

(Poach cuts through a swamp.)

  • Salmon: Don't look back! Just run!

(Poach cuts through farm.)

  • Salmon: Move it!

(Poach reaches to half of is destination. Then is shot in the leg. Betrayal from Modern Warfare 2)

  • Salmon: Get up, Poach! Get up! Get up!

(Poach crawls to the LZ.)

  • Salmon: No! You'll get over run! Get up Riley! Come on, get up! Get up! Get up! You're almost there.

(Kamarov comes to help Riley gets up and then limps to the Pave Low.)

  • Kamarov: You are going to be alright, my friend.
  • Salmon: Poach! Get outta there now!
  • Poach: Roger that, Captain.

(He gets closer to the Pave Low.)

  • Salmon: Poach! Get to the helicopter now!
  • Poach: Roger that! Viktor I got it.
  • Viktor: Good.

(He walks up to Kamarov and Poach, then shoots Poach in the heart and Kamarov in the head.)

  • Viktor: That's for Vladimir!
  • Salmon: NO!

(Viktor takes the dossier and takes Poach's guns.)

  • Viktor: I got it!
  • Russian Troop: Roger that, All targets destroyed. Moving the bodies.

(They pick up Poach and Kamarov. Poach is seen being thrown into a ditch.)

(One of Viktor's men pours petrol onto Poach's body.)

  • General Rogers: Poach! Come in, this is Rogers! Alpha Team has encountered Vicktor's men in the desert! Shooter, hold the left flank! Do not trust Viktor! I say again do not trust Viktor! Shooter get down-!

(Viktor throughs a lit match onto his corpse, igniting Poach's body.)

(End of Mission.)

Sgt. Riley Parker

  • Status: KIA
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