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No Fear
U.S. Marines in No Fear
Marines are taking orders from Josh.
World of War: Revenge
Josh Holmes, Air-Lord One
U.S. Marines
Day 4, 2034
Search for Stanley Morgan, Sr..

No Fear is a sixth level in World of War: Revenge. Your team are set on a mission created by intel, you are to search for a Ultranationalists' secondary leader Stanley Morgan, Sr..

Opening Cut-Scene Transcript

Josh Holmes: Okay, Marines. We've been set on a mission, MacGregor said something about a Nazi dictator Olaf Tutchenko is in our area.

*Camera turns to the other side of the world*

Roger Pullman: What is so special about this side?

Josh Holmes: We've had news from some Prince's squad member that the English invasion of Ultranationalist Russia has started today (Roger Pullman: Today!?), yes, we have the details that Adam Bell gave us, Stanley Morgan, Sr. will have nowhere to run. But I just hope that Olaf dosen't get interested in this war.

Stuart MacGregor: Ay. My Marine team, set out today. Lock and Load! Mates!


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