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Nicky Corleone
Nickey Corleone
Biographical information
Real name Nicholas Nickelson Corleone
Also known as Nicky, Nickey, Bling Bling, Fat Man, Fat Boy, Nick
Nationality Italian-American flag Italian-American
Born 7th of April, 1987
Age 30
Status Alive
Birthplace Austin, Texas, USA
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Blonde, brown
Ethnicity White
Height 5'9
Weight 88kg
Blood type A+
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Corleone Family, Charlie Trapani
Occupation(s) Restaurant owner
Notable family members Vito Corleone (cousin), Michael Corleone (nephew), Fredo Corleone (godson), Santino Corleone (nephew), Carmela Corleone (cousin-in-law), Connie Corleone (grand-niece-in-law), Rarity (adpoted grand-niece), Johnny Corleone (nephew)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) The Godfather Game, Crossover Mayhem
Voiced by (English) Adam Harrington
"You're a diplomat, young man, we have a deal."
— Nicky Corleone after making a deal with Charlie

Nicky Corleone was a distant relative from Vito Corleone and the owner of Albassador Grill.


Nicky was born in Texas, he visited his cousin Vito Corleone in New York soon after and they moved to France years after Vito's establishment. Helped by his cousin, Nicky set himself a house up in Old Town and built a famous restaurant called the Albassador Grill. He always had a knowing smile for the Corleone family and particularly Charlie Trapani, who was very skilled with a Tommy Gun. Nicky can be seen in the mission given by Pete Clemenza,  "The Death of the Traitor", where he will have short conversation with Elliot Davy-Crockett in his restaurant. The player can also talk to Nicky about Poli Gatto. During the Five Families Mob War, Nicky was trapped in the old circus shop called Stromboli along with its owner, Joel Stromboli by the Stracci Family. Nicky talked his way out of death and escaped by telling Straccis where a few Corleones were hiding and was freed. His friend Joel was not so luck and was killed.


  • Despite being of the Corleone bloodline, he is treated as a normal mobster.
  • If attacked, he cowers rather than fights back.
  • Nicky always smiles, only when he is attacked.
  • He is one of the fattest characters in The Godfather Game.