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Miles Lopez
New Miles Lopez
Nickname(s) Mily, Milk, Mill
Appears in Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Rank Brigadier General
Affiliations RAAF and USAF
Status KIA
Birth 1968
Death 2018 (The Hunt)
Weapon SCAR-H and Colt Peacemaker

Miles Lopez is the character from Call of Duty: Nuclear War


Miles is an American-Australian soldier. He is the commander of Michael Fontaine. He was killed along with his daughter by Shepherd when he was shot in the back by a .357 Python.


  • Like Ghost and Roach, Miles was killed by a Magnum and a high-caliber weapon.
  • Like Jamie, Miles has a second gen Single Action Army. However Jamie's long barrel version is the equal to the average long barrel but Miles is longer.
  • Miles and Jamie might of known each other considering he didn't question on who Wolf Company is.
  • When Miles is shot he is seen falling backwards like Poach fell backwards.