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Metal Gear SNAKE is a Bipedal Walking-tank built by Doctech and named in the honor of Solid Snake. It was made after Sword Strike's final words.

"The Light is distinquished, the darkness lives on. With darkness around there will always be an end to it."
— Sword Strike Moments before he passes away from cancer. Meaning that there will always be war with beings of the universe still existing.

Metal Gear SNAKE is known to carry several weapons including nuclear weapons.


  • M61 Vulcan 90mm Cannon (Used from its eyes and its wing-like arms)
  • Dual Missiles (Used from its back)
  • HEAT Seaking Missile (Also Used from its back and its Knees)
  • Water Cutter (Used from its mouth)
  • NRL (Nuclear Rail Laser) Used from its NRL Cannon on its right shoulder.


Metal Gear SNAKE was destroy by Solid Strike by the help of Halley. It was later repaired and mass-produced by the President. It was later used for the help in the Universal War I. It was later destroyed once again by Liquid Jackal.