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Mayor Griffon
Biographical information
Real name Grimm "Griff" Griffon
Also known as Grimmy, Mayor Griff, Mayor Griffon, Boss, Master, Griffen, white bald bird, The Mayor, Nate's former boss
Nationality This is Sparta American
Born 1836
Died 1891
Age 55
Status Deceased
Birthplace Gulfport, Mississippi, USA
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5'11
Weight 72kg
Blood type A+
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Cornet Brothers, Javier Diego, Jacques Dixmor, Mr. Kelley, Jason Cornet, Nate Harlow (former)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Red Dead Revolver, Red Dead Redemption (mentioned)
Voiced by (English) Bert Pence
"I always regretted what happened on your daddy's farm, Red. I should have been there... to make sure you joined them. But lucky for me, I get second chance."
— Mayor to Red

Mayor Grimm Griffon is a major character who serves as the main villain of Red Dead Revolver.


Griffon was the boss of Nate Harlow and Jacques Dixmor and the owner of the Bear Mountains gold claim. When the player witnesses a flashback in the form of a mission via sheriff Bartlett, it is revealed that Dixmor was caught trying to cross a river at which General Diego was fighting with the American Army. Jacques was brought before Diego and was to be executed until he offered gold for his life. He offered half the gold and explained that his partner Nate had the other half of the claim. This betrayal cost Nate his life and essentially set the plot of the game in motion. Over time, Griffon didn't give a damn if Nate was killed and was only concerned that his gold was not stolen and at safe.

Dixmor and Diego becoming partners and crawling up Griffon's ass was enough to let them use slave labour in the Bear Mountains mines. Diego was the face of operations and 3/10 of the gold got delivered to Griffon, in return, Griffon got the US army to leave Deigo alone. 

Meanwhile, Griffon became obsessed with owning Annie MacFarlane's ranch. When she refused to sell it, Griffon would have his men try to bribe MacFarlane into selling the ranch, but still failed.


An ally of Red Harlow's named Buffalo Soldier attempts to warn Griffon of Diego's plans, but the mayor reveals to him that he and Diego had worked together the entire time, before ordering Mr. Kelley to imprison the soldier.

He is met during a Battle Royale. Red Harlow recognises the now Mayor Griffon as his father's former boss by the matching Scorpion Revolver he has in his possession. Griffon attempts to get Mr. Kelley to kill Red, but Red manages to "kill" Kelley.

Red wins and hunts Mayor Griffin down to his mansion. MacFarlane and Jack Swift assist him in entering his mansion. They find Buffalo, who joins them. Red and Buffalo follow a separate path to Griffon. Griffon manages to wound the soldier, and Red carries on by himself. Red fights Griffon and his men. When his men are down, Griffon tells Red he regrets not being at his father's farm, to make sure Red joined his father in death, but now he has been given another chance. Red finally kills Griffon with a shoot through the stomach with a shotgun, splatting Griffon in half. Jack is later revealed as a casualty of the assault.

The curtain closes on the game and Red tosses the bag of money that was to be the prize for the Battle Royale to sheriff. He declares "It was never about the money." and walks off after holstering the companion to his father's revolver. The money is presumably used to buy back Annie's ranch although the presence of Buffalo Soldier hints that he may have received some of the reward as well. Bartlett tells Red as he walks out "I'd hate to see you hang, after all you've done."


"You've come a long way to die, son."
— Griffon
"Hehehe, who let you in, Soldier? Buffalo Soldier: There is a Mexican general on your territory! His name is Diego. He's runnin' a gold mine and using these here citizens of this town as slave labour. It's a job only the US army can handle, sir! He has an army! And a fort too! Griffon: Well, thanks, soldier. Mr. Diego is one of my biggest contributors, I'm sure this is all a simple misunderstanding. But Mr. Kelley here? He's gonna take good care of you. >:)"
— Buffalo and Griffon after the former comes to mayor with some new news
"Due to the sudden absence of Sheriff Bartlett, I'm gonna be steppin' in to oversee this uh, conclusion to the Battle Royale. Now whereas the two gentlemen before us are clearly the best, I believe a change of the rules is in order. I hereby disqualify Jack Swift and Annie MacFarlane. The winner of this here round, is gonna be the winner of Battle Royale."
— Griffon during the Battle Finale mission
"Well Red, you did good - I'll give you that, but of course you'd have to did to live through what you did. Still I'm afraid that what we're going to have to end right here and now is what we should-ah ended so many years ago... (Red gets a flashback of the first mission) Nate Harlow: Didn't see ya, beaut. Red: Yeah! Can I hold it? Nate: Hahahaha... No. She's one of the pair, only two in the whole world. Red: Where's the other one??? The other one?? The other one? (His flashback ends) Griffon: Mr. Kelley... Please join me at the mansion when you've finally taken care of business."
— Griffon's talk and Red's flashback
"Anyone comes through that gate - you kill 'em! I don't care if it's your granny's ghost, you pretend it's someone else and put a bullet in their eyes and you don't stop shootin' that rifle until you ain't got no bullets left! You understand me?"
— Griffon to Oswald Cornet

Showdown Mode

After completing the level "Fall from Grace" with an excellent rating, Griffon becomes available as a playable character.