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Monk Malone
Poli and Marty
Marty's the second guy, who's on left.
Biographical information
Real name Martin "Marty" Malone
Also known as Mari, Monk, Monkey, Traitor, Frankie's bro
Nationality Irish-Italian Irish-Italian
Age 37
Status Deceased
Deathplace Va Va Voom Room, Little Town, France City
Cause of death/incarceration Shot by Charlie Trapani
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black
Ethnicity White
Height 6'1
Weight 83kg
Blood type A-
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Corleone Family, Poli Gatto (former), Luca Brasi, Cuneo Family
Occupation(s) Corleone wise guy
Notable family members Frankie Malone (sister), Michael Corleone (adopted father)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) The Godfather Game
Voiced by (English) Jason Schombing
"What? Are you f**kin' kiddin' me? We don't need no babysitter, Gregory! This was our job! What's done is done!"
— Marty

Marty "Monk" Malone was an Irish-Italian Wise Guy for the Corleones.


"Meet Marty Malone, he ain't pretty good, but, uh-(Monk:) My friends call me Monk."
— Poli Gatto introducing Monk to Charlie Trapani

Because of his nationality, he was unable to truly rise up in the family, yet he was still known as an affable and eager wise guy, due being the adopted son of Mikey Corleone. His Italian father fell ill during the 1986s, leaving Monk trying to earn money to support him thorugh the family. His father was cared for by Monk's older sister Frankie. However after his father died, Michael Korleone took them both, Monk and Frankie.

Marty became fast friends with Charlie Trapani, assisting the latter in taking revenge on men who assaulted Bonasera's daughter, Maria. His other lad was o'l Poli Gatto, who was another one of his close lads.

Monk and TrapaniEdit

Shortly after the death of Luka Brasi in the winter of 2009, Monk was wounded in an assasination attempt on Don Corleone and was taken to the hospital in Little Town. When he emerged, Marty went with Charlie to the party at Rosa. It was around this time that he began a relationship with a woman called "Crazy Jane", although he was also known to be sweet on Viani Barzini, who owned the Va Va Voom Room, one of Monk's most favourite bars.

As Trapani became more prominent in the family, Monk followed him and the two remained friends, despite Trapani's role in the death of Poli Gatto. Malone, Trapani, and Pete Clemenza all took part in destroying one of Virgil Sollozzo's narcotics factories, further crippling the Tattaglia Family.

At the start of 2010 life took a tragic turn for Marty when his sister was murdered by Bruno Tattaglia, seeking revenge for the death of Sollozzo and the havoc wreaked on the family by Frankie's boyfriend, Trapani. Blaming Trapani and the family for this, Monk disappeared for a while, becoming somewhat of a forgoten.

Betrayal and deathEdit

"When you killed Frankie,... When they killed Frankie, I just didn't care anymore... For what? I was never going to be made, on the inside,... Becouse who my adopted father is? Michael. (Trapani is shocked) So, becouse he's Italian I can't be in family, couse I'm Irish. Anyway, I got some new friends."
— Marty's and Trapani's last conversation

In late 2010, he emerged again, informing Trapani of a rat in the Corleone family who was hiding in the Bowery Hotel, guarded by thugs belonging to the Barzini family. Malone assured him that the rat was to be eliminated. This contradicted what Trapani had been told by Michael Corleone, who, unknowingly to the two men, had discovered one of them was a traitor.

Malone shot the 'rat' to death and swiftly disappeared when superhero agent Gregory McCain appeared on the scene. It transpired that Malone was in fact the rat and that the dead man was an FBI Agent who worked with Corleones. Michael ordered Trapani to kill Malone, who he hunted down to the Va Va Voom Room in Little Town. The two shared a final emotional konversation where Monk said he felt he should have been a made guy in the Corleone family and said it was unfair that they didn't make him just because he was Irish-Italian. Malone then fled into the bar, covered by twelve Cuneo thugs he had been working with. Trapani killed the thugs and executed his friend on the bar's stage.


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