Mario DeBellis
Mario DeBellis
Biographical information
Also known as Mario, Bellis, Debil, Mary, Mark, Cowboy, gunslinger, fatso, awesome guy, old manfart, Devil
Nationality This is Sparta American
Age 56
Status Deceased
Birthplace Silver Town, Indian Hills, Texas, United States of America
Cause of death/incarceration Shot in the head by Charlie Trapani
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour White, black
Ethnicity White
Height 5'11
Weight 93kg
Blood type B+
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Cuneo Family, Ronnie Tosca, Elvis Smoth
Occupation(s) Cuneo capo, mobster, warehouse leader
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) The Godfather Game
Voiced by (English) Rod Gnapp
"Let's settle it now,... with a duel! I'll get my revenge, or die with honour."
— DeBellis to Charlie

Mario DeBellis was Phillip Cuneo's most favourite Capo of the Cuneo Family. A traditionalist, he was always a man of honour and respect, and died in an honourable showdown with Charlie Trapani in the Little Town sewers, even some of the Barzinis missed him.


DeBellis was from Silver Town, Texas, born to an old western-affiliated DeBellis family that were a bunch of goatherders who were able to reach the France City on a plane that was supposed to carry loads of olive oil to France. DeBellis was raised in the rough Old Town neighbourhood and befriended Phillip Cuneo in his 30's, and they worked together in a string of robberies, stealing shipments of Thompson sub-machine guns intended for the Westies gang in 1980's. DeBellis became his triggerman while Elvis Smoth was the strategist, and DeBellis commanded many of Phillip's men in a series of hit contracts against the hobo gangs that dominated the Old Town neighbourhood.

DeBellis was wounded in a failed assassination attempt on him outside of After Hours club in Old Town, with two French gunmen shooting at him as he left the building. Two bullets pierced his chest, but his fat chest was able to survive and DeBellis was hospitalised for a month before heading to the gangster's homes and killing them with his fist with brass knuckles on, he called it an "old-fashioned revenge". DeBellis was a traditional mobster, not shooting them as a sign of respect. In the war with the Westies, DeBellis proved his honour and his cool behaviour.

In 1989, Mario killed the Marovič Family (a mafia from Yugoslavia who resided in New YorkunderbossJanko Samfrićnov, after his travel to France after making a deal with the Cuneos by selling them the remaining Marovič mob's casinos after the death of their last Don, Marjanko Marovič. Despite his hopes of surviving Mario's trigger by selling them the casinos, he was still killed nevertheless because the Cuneos still saw the Marovič's as a small distraction, not worthy of being allied to the Cuneos.

In 2001, he was officially accepted as Capo of the Cuneo Family, which evolved from the "Old Town Boys" due to the creation of The Commission. DeBellis was a key figure in the war with the Belloq Gang in 2007, where he avenged the death of his friend Mikey Perroni by shooting the gangsters as they left Hawk's Steakhouse, having just finished their steak before their murders. DeBellis was a mentor to new Capo Ronnie Tosca, who looked up to him for an advice on the Mafia life. Just as Tosca respected him, the Mafia also respected him for his sense of mobster traditionalism, a rumour also has it he helped Johnny Mussolini to become a Wise Guy in the Barzini Family.


During the course of The Five Families Mob War with the Corleone Family, DeBellis kept his cool and managed to hold onto the Milk Co. Factory and other distribution shops, keeping the supply line going. However, he was drawn out of his calmness when he felt that he had been slighted by the Corleones and requested a duel, and Pete Clemenza sent Charlie Trapani to accept the duel in the sewers under the Little Town Loop.

Trapani and DeBellis duelled in a traditional manner, standing twelve paces apart from one another with their guns in their holsters. Trapani fired first and the bullet grazed Mario's shoulder, he then quickly shoot him once in the head, and Mario fell down into the sewers, where he died. His men stood down out of respect for Trapani, who left the scene to receive the hit cash.


Theme song

DeBellis' theme song is Ballata Per Un Pistolero, as this music also played during and before the duel between him and Charlie Trapani.

Ballata Per Un Pistolero (Ballad of a Gunman) (Mario DeBellis' theme)

Ballata Per Un Pistolero (Ballad of a Gunman) (Mario DeBellis' theme)