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Marco Cuneo
Charlie VS Marco
Biographical information
Real name Marcossi von Cuneo
Also known as Mark, Marco, Cuneo, clean kid, Mr. Mark, Brit, Mr. Cuneo, Caterpillar of the community
Nationality British Italian British-Italian
Born 17th of February, 1974
Died 9th of December, 2011
Age 37
Status Deceased
Birthplace London, England, United Kingdom, Europe
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black
Ethnicity Anglo-Saxon-Mediterranean
Height 5'11
Weight 78kg
Blood type AO+
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Cuneo Family, Elvis Smoth
Occupation(s) Cuneo underboss, businessman
Notable family members Phillip Cuneo (father), Marge Cuneo (mother), Phillip Cuneo Jr. (younger brother), Carmin Cuneo (younger brother), George Cuneo (uncle), Rudolph Tattaglia (uncle-in-law), Elvis Smoth (adopted brother), Sweetie Belle (adopted sister), Grigor Tattaglia (cousin), Frederico Cuneo (cousin), Garnet (aunt), Roberta Cuneo (aunt), Salvatore Cuneo (uncle), Tobias Cuneo (uncle), Carlo Falcone (grand step-uncle)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) The Godfather Game
Voiced by (English) Gavin Hammon
"Beat it punk! I'm takin' over this joint!"
— Marco to Trapani

Marco Cuneo was the son of Don Phillip Cuneo and the Cuneo family's Underboss until 2011.


Marco Cuneo was the son of Don Phillip Cuneo, who was a Sicilian mobster. Marco was the older brother of Carmin Cuneo, and the latter would later become Don of the Cuneo Family, after their father's death. Marco was known to be a 'caterpillar of the community', and he was friendly with law enforcement in Old Town in France City. He attended the local gym and learned to fight there; while he was a perfect citizen in public, he was secretly a brutal commander and killed several Corleone Family soldiers during The Five Families Mob War of 2010-2011.


"If you kill me, me man will bloody getcha' ya!"
— Marco Cuneo to Trapani
"I'm gonna tear yo bloody eyes out and take a pee piss! Bloody piss!"
— Marco Cuneo to Trapani
"For my family!"
— Marco Cuneo while fighting
"Me men might let ya live, lad! If you get the bloody feken' outta here! Dis' is Cuneos' fuakin' turf!"
— Marco to Trapani
"I'm aughta show you, what I learned from the gym!"
— Marco to Trapani
"You wanna fak with me? Is that it!?"
— Marco's last words
"Bloody hell! I thought I had more of 'em than only that, wot the fok???"
— Marco after his gun runs out of ammo


"Marco Cuneo, Don Cuneo's own son. He's so clean he squeaks, kid, but don't let that buffoon moon fool you into thinkin' he's not dangerous. Marco is seen as a well respected businessman, even by the cops. Gotta be an accident - a traffic accident."
— Clemenza to Charlie

After the family Lawyer, Smoth, had been killed a few days before, Marco took revenge by eliminating several Corleone soldiers and was preparing for another onslaught when his heavily fortified position in Old Town was hit by Charlie Trapani.

Trapani was under orders from Fatty Peter Clemenza, who ordered that Marco's death be made to look like an accident. Trapani obliged, but first shoot Marco 12 times with his 38. Snub Nose in almost all body parts, making him completely riddled with holes and blooded. Trapani then threw his blasted body into a nearby trash can, he kicked it twice, and the can rolled up into the FC Railyards Co. wagon depot, where a train literally ran through it, shattering Marco's lifeless body to a thousand pieces. The authorities classified Marco's demise as an accident when he fell asleep drunken in a metal trash container, and tumbled down to the wagon depot, and all witnesses were silenced.


  • Marco speaks in a strong British almost Scottish-like accent.
  • Marco Cuneo is the third last person to have his head on the Corleone's bounty list and Clemenza, the one who ordered the hit even said that he's a "Big" target. His bounty is 37.500 euros. The only two mobsters who are wanted more by the Corleones after Marco are Domenico Mazza and Victor Barzini.
  • He looked fiercely familiar to Mikey Soleri.