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The Raid
Making History
Newman assassinated
World of War: Revenge
Josh Holmes
U.S Marines
Washington, D.C., USA
Day 1, 2034
Extract information and fingerprints for analysis.
Multiplayer map
Death Road

Making History is the second level of the American campaign in World of War: Revenge. It revolves around the death of John Randy-Newman. His death being shown in the cut-scene (In Dramatic Fashion). The aim of the mission is to extract information from Luic De Blance, the chauffeur of the car and the playable character in the first mission. Once the information is extracted, the team head up to the assassination post, where Kizkakati Kanzcozwikz fired from. The team extract the fingerprints and send them to the CIA.

Opening Cut-Scene Transcript

Roger Pullman: "Sir, it's all over the world, John Randy-Newman has been asssassinated."

Stuart MacGregor: "Ay. I didn't half-expect it. I knew how stubborn people can be. Captain Spencer, come in, do you read me?"

Captain Spencer: "Loud and clear, sir. What's the challenge?"

*TV Commercial cuts in*

Mr. Canting: "We report to you on the tragic loss of John Randy-Newman, people believe he was assassinated by Adam Bell. Godfrey, tell us about the latest developments."

Josh Holmes: "Hmm. I think I know this a guy, stationed in the east."

Captain Spencer: "Any intel?"

Josh Holmes: "Unfortunately not. We're gonna have to get the details from the guy in the centre..."

Roger Pullman: "Luic De Blance?"

Josh Holmes: "That's the one."

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