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Welcome to the Made up Characters Wiki
A Made up Characters wiki that anyone can edit!
2,282 articles created since the 28th April, 2009!

Welcome to the M.U.C.

"Welcome to the M.U.C, the best handpicked group of editors on the planet Earth, or Edenia, Venerus, Pluto, Never Never Land, Mars, Outworld, Orinion, and many more planets, galaxies, universes in multiverse..."

—General Taylor saying Quote of the wiki.

Welcome to the M.U.C. Here you can put your made up characters and games. Yes your own made up characters and games. So use that imagination of yours. Also, create any game, whatever you want, as long as it is clean. We prefer to create Call of Duty, RDR, Godfather And MK series games, sometimes even about Manhunt, but you can create whatever you want! Also, all of the games and pages you make take place all in the same universe.

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Wolf Logo2 version

Formerly a War Force Group of the army. In 1945 this company was formed by a Unknown General. Before the time the SASR was formed it was as the 17th Battalion Wolf Company. When the SASR was formed it game the 51st Division. Through the 60s to 90s they've been fighting in various non-warlike and warlike operations. They payed no contribution in Iraq War in 2003 instead they focused on Afghanistan. In 2012 they fought in Sino-Australian War. They then finally gave contribution to World War III in 2014. They are response for the ending of World War III. They are later sucked into the Third Sino-Japanese War in 2029. Straight after the Third Sino-Japanese War, they are sent into World War IV..

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Made up Characters Wiki polls. This is the poll where most popular characters in the Wiki will be fighting, but only one can win. Who will dat be?

Witch character will win out of these?

The poll was created at 22:56 on October 14, 2015, and so far 8 people voted.

A funny video for the start:

Youtube Poop Scarface, Tony Montana goes crazy in a paranoic spacetime02:00

Youtube Poop Scarface, Tony Montana goes crazy in a paranoic spacetime

Muntana, lel.

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