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Luis Cruz
Luis Kruz
Nickname(s) Chico, Lui, big hair, immigrant guy, nice guy
Appears in Scarface: Twiy
Rank Warehouse worker
Affiliations Victor Montoya, Marcos, Manuel Lopez, Julia Huerta, Dolores Alvarez
Status Alive
Killed By None
Birth 24th of April, 1993, Havana, Cuba, North America
Sex Male
Death None
Voice Actor Same as some Industrial Zone workers
"Anything you need, papi. I got you Mr. Montana."
— Luis to Tony

Luis Cruz is a minor citizen character featured in Scarface: The World Is Yours.


Not much is known of Chico's background, except that he is an immigrant who came to Miami from Cuba.


Luis can be found walking around all parts of Miami, but perhaps his most known locale and the place where his apartment is located is Little Havana. Cruz can also be found walking around and shopping at Pedro's Stop Shop and Oakley's Drive-In Theater. Chico may also be spotted gambling at Nacho's Tanker's casino on Black Sands, Cuba during summers and falls. Luis is a good friend of numerous citizens in Lil' Havana. He can also be seen in the game's intro, playing some weird shit with Tom Osalis.


"What do you want? Ladies?"
— Luis to Montana
"Lookin' good, man."
— Luis to Tone
"Ey, you need sumfin? U need sumfin, Mr. Muntana?"
— Luis to Montana
"I don't think so, chico."
— Luis when Tone asks him if he is from Freedomtown
"Wooh, you're messin' with the wrong guy today."
— Cruz when Tone pisses him off
"Yo, those are going to be your last words, motherfawker."
— Cruz when Tone threatens him
— Luis to Tone


  • Luis' nickname, Chico, means 'boy' in Spanish, which could have become due to his young age.
  • Presumably, Chico and Victor Montoya are working on a stoner movie together and that may be the reason why both can usually be seen crawling around Oakley's Drive-In Theater most of the times.
  • Luis starts respecting Tone Montana at level 1 of Reputation.