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Little Town
Lil' Town
The Godfather Games
Corleone Family VS Tattaglia Family VS cops
France City, France, Europe
Modes (Console Only; PC can play any map in any mode)
Singleplayer, multiplayer
Console Codename (PC)
The Lil' Town
Singleplayer Map
In France City

Little Town (French: Petit Ville)is a big (ironical to it's name) neighbourhood in France City, known for its large population of Italians, as Sicilian crime organisations had connections there from Italy.

In 1998, Vito Corleone, Pete Clemenza and Johnny Trapani founded the Corleone Family. It was run legitimately out of Genco Olive Oil Company on Rue Papin Street. The Corleone family remained in Little Town until Don Vito was killed and his son Michael took control, moving some his businesses to Nevada and Nebraska.


The neighbourhood was originally controlled by a powerful don Massimo Fanucci, leader of the Purple Hand and a racketeer who was feared by many. In 1998 he was killed by Vito Corleone, an associate of his, who was tired of paying debts to him, and Corleone became the padrone of the neighbourhood as Don of the Corleone Family. The neighbourhood was taken over by the Tattaglia Family in 2007 but reclaimed after the Five Families Mob War by Charlie Trapani after the fall of the Verona Factory, and it became territory of Pete Clemenza and his brother in 2012, transforming it into a drug-infested area, where he dealt drugs with the Corleones' permission. His death in 2016 ended the Cuneo Family's problems and Little Town is now currently in control by the Fortunato Regime.

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