Our Wikia's hierarchy.

  • User:Billy cougar - Real Admin of the pages, now edits the most and he's an awesome boss (Acting Don)
  • User:Staff Sergeant Jack Jackson - Leading figure and usally always here (Don)
  • User:Cod1 - Second-in-command, stepped down for retirement, but returns here very rarely (Update: He is now out of retirement, and comes here frequently.) (Underboss)
  • User:Callofduty4 - Made man and wikia star (Soldier, stepped down as a Soldato)
  • User:Doctor Richtoffee - Advisor, now inactive (Lawyer, stepped down)
  • User:Alex Martin Rider - Made man number 2, now retired (Soldier, stepped down)
  • User:Ivankaracheev - Former admin, chosen the wrong path and used to be blocked but now suffers in Never Land and reality. (Caporegime, kicked out)
  • User:Tom Hagen - Has learned his potencial. He makes good deeds and good edits. (New Lawyer)
  • User:GrumpyBoonFalcon - Small-time hood working on the side. (Spy)
  • User:Julian724724 - Another small-time hood, makes great edits. (Spy)
  • User:Orelov - A new editor who is still learning the mastery over edits. (Wise Guy)
  • User:KGBSpetsnaz - A editor with very high potencial and quite a conservative. (Soldier)