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Liberto Pesgado
Nickname(s) 'Berto, Pest, Gado, bakery owner
Appears in The Godfather Game
Rank Owner of Liberto's, Barzini associate
Affiliations Barzini Family, Corleone Family (former)
Status Alive
Killed By None
Birth 14th of January, 1959, Havana, Cuba, North America
Sex Male
Death None
Weapon None
Voice Actor Callum Grant

Liberto Pesgado is the owner of a bakery in Crazy Town and works for Barzini Family.


An immigrant from the capital of Cuba, Liberto always had a passion for women's jewellery and set up the Barzini Gregor Reisdorfiev as a legitimate jeweller in the basement of his bakery. With that, he was forced into joining the Barzini Family for better profits.

In 2010, Reisdorfiev was eventually brought down by Charlie Trapani, who seized his rackets, disappointing Liberto.

But in 2012, Pesgado's bakery was once again under the control of the Barzinis.