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Call of Duty: Nuclear War
1st Lieutenant Michael Fontaine
M4A2 Scoped w/ silencer, M9 silenced with ALM (Aiming Laser Module) and MP5SD
Reykjavik, Iceland
Grab the ACS Module. Sneak to the tank a place a c4 on it. Destroy the tank. Reach extraction
Shadow Company

Walkthrough Edit

Mike has gone to Iceland to retrieve a secondary ACS module. He takes it and then encounters a tank destroying the helicopter. They then destroy the tank and reach extraction.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

"Mike, I want to retrieve the ACS Module. The last one was destroyed. Foley is staying in Moscow for his missions."
— Taylor
"Copy that, sir."
— Mike
"This is Avatar One-Three Pave Low. We're about enter, Reykjavik."
— Pilot

Ingame Edit

(Winona and Mike landed in on top of building.)

  • Mike: Let's do this! Hope you have the Scope and not a ACOG.
  • Winona: Yes sir, I got a scope.

(They move down to lower ground.)

  • Mike: This is too quiet.
  • Lopez: Too Right, mate.

(Two tangos are finally spotted.)

  • Mike: Two tangos. On my mark.

(He shoots one and Winona shoots the other.)

  • Mike: Goodh!

(Four tangos spooted. 2 one a building and 2 sitting in a car.)

  • Mike: I'll go for the ones in the car.

(They shoot them.)

  • Mike: Perfect job.

(A large patrol walks past. They kill them all.)

  • Mike: Job well done.

(A small house is seen.)

  • Winona: It should be in there, sir.
  • Mike: Roger that.

(They go in and pick it up.)

  • Avator: This Avator One-Three, we encountered an enemy tank, say again an enemy we're hit!

(transmission cuts)

  • Mike: Let's sneak up to the tank and plant the C4 on it.
  • Winona: Hooray!

(They get to the tank and plant a C4 on it.)

  • Mike: Let's get to safety.
  • Winona: Ok.

(They get to safety.)

  • Mike: Blowing the charges. Lol.

(The tank is blow to bits.)

  • Mike: Skywolf 3-5, Our cover is blown requesting extraction.
  • Skywolf: Copy that. On my way. We'll land at the ocean side, east of your position.
  • Mike: Okay.
  • Winona: Let's goh!

(They go loud and head to extraction.)

  • Mike: Come on! Come on!

(They cut through several enemies. They get to the extraction.)

  • Skywolf: Get on now!

(They get on.)

  • Mike: Let's go, now.

(End of mission)

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