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Jeb Murphy
Falcone lawyer
Nickname(s) Falcone lawyer, Jeb, Murphy
Appears in Mafia II
Rank Lawyer
Affiliations Falcone Family, O'Neil Gang
Status Deceased
Killed By Roberto Gattos
Birth 26th of October, 1937, Lecce, Italy
Death 22nd of June, 1976

The Lawyer (Real name: Jeb Murphy) was a member of the Falcone Family that appeared in Joe's Adventures. He was working with O'Neil gang and stealing from the Marina's, so Raul ordered Roberto Gattos to kill him and his men In the Shadows, Gattos stole a cab and took him to Lincoln Park before killing him and his crew.


  • For some strange reason in game's files he is listed as the "Lawyer", however in Frankie Potts' files he is listed as "Jeb" and is once in game called "Murphy".