Last Life is the last level in Call of Duty 9: World War IV.

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Last Life
Call of Duty 9: World War IV
Captain Toby Lane
Bear Company, Task Force 141
ACR, Mini-Uzi Holographic Sight
Moscow, Russia
Day 16, 2021
Get into the jeep.

Fire at the barrels.

Provide support for MacMillan and Price.

Get to the collapsed tower.

Get in the Merlin.



Captain Toby Lane, Colonel MacMillan, General Soap MacTavish, Colonel John Price and Lieutenant John Harvings are battling out of Moscow to LZ Echo. Lane is severly injured and can't walk so the squad steal a jeep and smash their way through Moscow. After a while they reach a giant sattelite tower but an RPG fires on the jeep and flips into the sea. The screen becomes very blurry but Lane regains control and swims as hard as he can. He gets to the surface with Soap and Harvings while Price and MacMillan reach the sattelite. Later a missile hits the tower and collapses. Harvings, Soap and Lane however find out that... MacMillan is dead. Soap is very angry and starts killing the enemy violently. However he gets shot 4 times in the chest along with Price. Harvings is killed and Lane is knocked out and blacks out. Lane then wakes up and sees many Ultranationalists surrounding them. Then a Pave Low, a Merlin, an Apache, a Black Hawk and a Little Bird provide support for the three and the Merlin evacuates them. They then retreat to the UK and Price and Soap give Lane their own nickname "Hornet".

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