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Invasion of San Helios
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Disarming the Nuke
Last Chance
Call of Duty 8: End of the World
Sergeant Sam Jackson
U.S. Army Rangers
M4A1 w/Red Dot Sight, Grenade Launcher, M9.
California, USA
Kill the waves of soldiers.

Retreat to the Zodiac.

Get in the Pave Low.

Take out SAMS on the Hollywood Sign.

Rescue Dunn.

Get back to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Climb in the turret.

Take out the retreaters.

Jump off the bridge.

Multiplayer map

Last Chance is the eighth level in Call of Duty 8: End of the World.


California is the last city in America controlled by Ultranationalists. Foley's squad are dropped at the Golden Gate Bridge and ordered to defend the bridge for as long as possible. However many BTRs swarm the squad from both sides and they jump into the ocean and swim towards a Zodiac. They drive the Zodiac to Wolf-3-1, a modified Pave Low with explosive Minigun rounds. Wolf-3-1 takes them to the Hollywood Sign, filled with SAM sites. Then, Captain Dunn destroys the SAM sites but is shot in the stomach and falls out of the helicopter. Ramirez orders to get Dunn but Wolf-3-1 tells him not to. Suddenly, Foley jumps out of the Pave Low to save him. Then, Foley drags a heavily-injured Dunn to the Pave Low and go back to the Golden Gate Bridge. Jackson takes out 10 BTRs, including 3 helicopters and takes out the retreating soldiers. Once dropped off, Jackson gets into a minigun in a Humvee and kills them off. Soon, the squad discover the bridge is going to be smashed by missiles. They jump off the bridge into the ocean to see parts of the bridge fall off. Then, Commander Jones pulls them into a Black Hawk and tells them that America has been recaptured, but says that there is a nuclear threat to the east...

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