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Croc Stracci
Kyle Stracci
Biographical information
Real name Kyle Andrew Jason Stracci
Also known as The Croc, Croc, Crocodile, Leo's Croc, Kyley, Crocy, Killer Croc, Stracci Croc
Nationality This is Sparta American
Born 21st of July, 1976
Died 28th of July, 2015
Age 39
Status Deceased
Birthplace New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5'9
Weight 72kg
Blood type B+
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Stracci Family (former), Leo Grossi Regime, Corleone Family
Notable family members William Stracci (cousin), Nina Stracci (cousin-in-law), Donato Stracci (older brother), Stracci The Older (father), Diego Stracci (younger brother), Mario Stracci (older brother), Dario Stracci (cousin), Pinkie Pie (adopted goddaughter), Wendy Corduroy (adopted niece), Salvatore Stracci (nephew), Albert Stracci (uncle), Roberto Barzini (cousin-in-law), Gianna Stracci (cousin), Giuseppe Stracci (nephew), Enzo Barzini (nephew)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) The Godfather Games
Voiced by (English) Serge Houde
"WTH!? Give it here!... I'd probably be dead in a month anyway."
— Kyle to Charlie

Kyle "Croc" Stracci was one of the four Stracci brothers and a member of Leo Grossi's explosives factory.


A long-time spy under Leo Grossi, Croc was a good friend of Plinto Ottaviano in Leo's Regime. He was one of the key members in the Stracci's explosives factory, although he was known to have a rivalry with his older brother Mario Stracci, who ran the Stracci's Dock in New Town.

In 2011, Kyle's stronghold at the Waterside Warehouse was attacked by Charlie Trapani, who insisted that Croc make his payouts to the Corleones. Kyle obeyed, giving up a vital part of the factory and unwittingly helping to bring down his rival, Mario.

Treachery and death

In 2015, he decided to betray Straccis and join the Corleones instead finally. Johnny Corleone knew about this and had his pony and two people to execute him. He was tortured and killed by Pinkie Pie, Anarky, and Tweedledee in his house, who soon made a meat pizza from him in Stracci Mansion and sent it to the Corleone Mansion as a message, that no one betrays the Straccis and joins the Corleones.