King Doom is the benevolent leader of the land of Imperia in Japan. He has increased trading and destroyed all his enemies. He single handedly defeated all rebellions and proclaimed those who chose to remain loyal. He fights for justice and good. Doom is a monumental fighter for the Order of Light. He has arranged cease fires, peace treaties, and thousands of arrandements with other countries.


He's one of the good guys.


Doom has brown eyes and black hair and a stern, but kind manners. He commands the loyalty of all those, who serve him and has earned the often gruding respect of his enemies and the hearts of his allies.

Personality and traits

Doom is kind and loving, but has not yet found a wife and this has caused him to become often brooding about the future of his kingdom.

His whereabouts

Doom resides in the castle of Integrity, in the capital city of Tokyo, Japan.

However, shadows grow upon the horizon and darken Doom's future as Kotal's forces manipulate to take care of him.