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Kiley Winselton
Biographical information
Real name Kiley Sharon Winselton
Also known as Kil, Kiley, Wins, Winselton, Miss, emo girl, psycho-kitty
Nationality England flagWelsh flag British-Welsh
Born 1st of September, 2000
Age 17
Status Alive
Birthplace Newport, Welsh, United Kingdom, Europe
Physical description
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Blond
Ethnicity Aryan
Height 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight 57kg (125 lbs)
Blood type AB
Gender Female
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Williams' Gang, Mr. Pearson, Mr. Hill, Mr. Rickson
Occupation(s) Dixmor Academy student
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Bully 2
Voiced by (English) ?
Portrayed by ?
"So, did you actually got rid of Quinn after he turned into one of the "good guys"?That's pretty dark. Just the way I like it. That's what I like about you, Colton."
— Kiley to Williams after Quinn's disappearance

Kiley Sharon Winselton is the first bully at Dixmor Academy from Bully to be a girl. She is also a crazed maniac who was in Dixmor Asylum for four years and has gotten out somehow. She has a tattoo on her left arm of a skull and it says "all will be doomed". She, like most other girls, was a total bitch to Beatrice Trudeau in the girls' dorm. She was also a common enemy to Lola Lombardi, Mandy Wiles, and Pinky Gauthier alike. The only ones she gets along with at all are Alex Norcroft, Colton Williams, Colby Smith, and Corey Evans. The five of them have some sort of cult where they try to get more and more people to join. Additionally, she actually gets along with Mr. Hill and Mr. Pearson. She also got along with Lara and Twilight from time to time and actually gossiped many people around with them, mostly with Lara. Even though her nationality is unknown, she is likely of British or Welsh descent but sports no accent. She is about 5'5 and 125 lbs.

Bullied victims

Theme song

Allow us to explain to y'all exactly what Winselton is:

I'm a bitch - Meredith Brooks (Kiley Winselton’s theme song)

I'm a bitch - Meredith Brooks (Kiley Winselton’s theme song)