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Kelly Debels
Kelly D
Nickname(s) Landwolf Juliet
Appears in Call of Duty: Future Warfare: Allied Assault
Rank Corporal later promoted to Sergeant
Affiliations Wolf Company
Status KIA
Birth 2015
Death Day 9, 2041 Final Assault
Weapon F88S Austyer

Kelly Debels is an Australian female soldier. She is only seen in the. British-Australian campaign.


She is first a Corporal and in-charge of a light machine gun crew. She fights through many fights including some to take out some tank and AA gun crews. Kelly gains a 300 body count after using a predator missile and killing 300 Russians. She is later assigned to help, Wilkers, Maccers and Bomber plant explosives on 7 storage buildings and tanks. She is shot in the shoulder by a sniper then she is riddle with MG rounds while planting explosives on the second tank. She was award the Victoria Cross. Jamie Salmon assisted on her promotion.