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Justin Vandervelde
Justin box
Biographical information
Real name Justin Jacob Walter Vandervelde
Also known as Just, Bust, Bustin, rich kid, inbreder, richy, ugly-s inbred rich kid, rich spoiled rat, test cheats giver, cool hairstyled prep
Nationality England flag English
Born 18th of March, 1997
Age 20
Status Alive
Physical description
Eye colour Hazel
Hair colour Brown
Ethnicity European-British
Height 5'9
Weight 59kg
Blood type A-
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Preppies, Derby Harrington
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Bully
Voiced by (English) Jaesun Celebre
"You better stop acting all tough, Hopkins, or I'll make you regret it. Well, I'll make you regret it anyway."
— Justin to Jimmy

Justin Vandervelde is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Preppies gang.

Role in gameEdit

As one of the Preppies, Justin features regularly during chapter 2. His only speaking role is during "Preppie Challenge", where he informs Jimmy that he's ineligible for the offered $1,000,000 house prize because Jimmy's parents aren't "on the board". They gives Jimmy the beach house instead. Aside from appearing in the said mission as the second opponent, he is featured in the mission "The Eggs", where he is given the key to the gates of Tad Spencer's mansion. Jimmy has to knock him out to get the key. In the chapter 3 mission "Bait", he, along with Tad, accompanies Gord Vendome to fight back the Greasers at the BMX Park.

During the non-story mission "Cheating Time", he buys advance test papers from Umberto Hattrick, which he then sells to other students for a profit. Jimmy takes pictures of Justin buying the answers from Hattrick and then selling them to Greasers Lucy De Luca and Vance Medici and the Jocks Casey Harris and Mandy Wiles.

Justin also gives Jimmy 2 errands: one is to beat his record time for swimming out and around the buoy near the lighthouse in the bay by Old Bullworth Vale, and the other one is to egg the tenements in New Coventry because "paying Jimmy to harass poor people makes him feel good about himself" . Justin also appears as an opponent during the boxing minigame.


"Hahahahah! It's all mine now, commie sucker."
— Justin after stealing something from someone
"Hmmmm... There's a little problem; your parents need to be members of the board for you to be eligible. But tell you what old chap, we'll give you that old abandoned beach house. Should be nice once you clean it up. ;)"
— Justin to Jimmy
"Top dollars for top grades! Makes sense to me."
— Justin
"Someone needs to write some mean-spirited graffiti in New Coventry. Not me obviously, they beat me up. Here! *Gives a puppet some eggs* Throw these eggs at someone in Coventry then you'll be cool, trust me."
— Vandervelde suggesting Jimmy to go egg someone or something at New Coventry
"You can get away with anything if you have enuff money."
— Justin
"Mingeling with the lower class can be fun sometimes. Not bad for the poorest persons here."
— Vandervelde on carnival rides
"There are not enough Greek marble sculptures in this school. I also wonder if Ted wants a prep friend. We should have another party at the Harrington House and invite the Jocks."
— Justin when walking around campus
"Dr. Hugo Slawter was ranting about the plants at Harrington House again. I think he's crazy."
— Vandervelde about Slawter

Personality and traitsEdit

Justin has a keen interest in sports, being a boxer, playing on the Bullworth Bullhorns football team, and being a good swimmer. He challenges Jimmy to beat his time record in swimming on a non-story errand. Justin is very enthusiastic about joining the WWE and wonders whether Jock leader Ted Thompson would want a Prep friend; he also wants to form an alliance with the Jocks and cannot understand why Derby Harrington opposes it.

Aside from being good at sports, Justin seems to like throwing eggs at poor people. He claims to have hit a greaser in the back of the head, stating it was "perfect" for a poor chap like a greaser. When fighting, Justin makes egg related puns, such as "these yolks crack me up" and "you look a little scrambled". His insult of choice is "peon". Another personality trait is that he seems to be a bit of a coward, as during a fight there can be slight traces of fear in his voice when taunting, and when beaten up he'll tell his attacker to "pick on someone his own size" or that he would've paid his attacker not to hit him.


  • His report card grades, as sometimes seen, are the following:
    • Art: B-
    • English: A+
    • History: A-
    • Math: D-
    • Biology: A+
    • Chemistry: A+
    • Geography: A+
    • Music: A+
    • Photography: A+
    • Shop: A
    • Home Economics: A+
    • Gym: A+
  • It can easily be seen most of Justin's grades were bribed to be perfect by his father.


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