Joshua Johnathan-Thomas Herbert Holmes
Josh Holmes
Nickname(s) J.J.T.H.H, Bravo Foxtrot-Niner, Skulldozer
Appears in World of War: Revenge, World of War: Global Warfare
Rank Sergeant, later Captain.
Affiliations U.S Marines
Status Deceased
Birth 1984, Medford, Oregon, USA
Weapon PSR.50, SAR-41, Colt M1911

Joshua "Josh" Holmes is the main protagonist and playable character of the American Campaign in World of War: Revenge and a confirmed NPC in World of War: Global Warfare. His rapping background was World of War: Global Warfare words. And his opponent was Emperor Shao Kahn's right-hand man and general, Reiko.

World of War: Revenge

He appears as the playable character and he is the main protagonist, he is second-in-charge of his unit until Captain Spencer's death, when Josh becomes leader of the squad.

World of War: Global Warfare

Josh returns as an NPC, and a veteran in squad, along with Roger Pullman. He shows respect towards Michael Baron, the newbie of the squad. He tells tales of wisdom to Michael Baron as an elder, and puts his safety at risk to protect him. As in one of the later missions, a Spetsnaz operative jumps out from behind cover and shoots Josh in the shoulder, before Roger Pullman savagely beats up the Russian, unusually swearing and shouting abuse in the instance. Michael Baron and Roger Pullman manage to escort Josh to the helicopter where he is taken off to; he appears later in the game when Michael Baron is killed by a Russian interrogator, and Josh saves Roger Pullman from death by tackling the Russian to the ground. He returns as playable character after Baron's death.