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Jose Foster
Nickname(s) Jos, Fos, Fostah'
Appears in Scarface: Twiy
Rank Henchman, hitman
Affiliations Sausage's Army, Alejandro Sausage, Alberto Shadow
Status Deceased
Birth 19th of April, 1973, Hereford, England, United Kingdom
Death Shot by a Montana Gang enforcer
"Tengo esta puto en mi vista."
— Foster

Jose Foster was a key figure in the Sausage's Army, working for Alberto Shadow in the 2000's. In 2010, Tony Montana sent one of his enforcers to teach the rival mobsters who's boss, so the enforcer pulled up behind a burned down house in Lobster Cay and shot Foster and two other mobsters in a drive-by with his AK-47, severing Jose's arm off, killing him.