John Randy-Newman
Randy Newman
Nickname(s) Prezi, Mr. President, Nigga, John
Appears in World of War: Revenge
Rank President
Affiliations U.S Government, Lucas Borlinghathen
Status Deceased
Killed By Adam Bell
Birth 14th of July, 1993
Death Day 1, 2034, Making History
Weapon Pistol
Voice Actor Daniel Craig

Johnathan "John" Randy-Newman is a character in World of War: Revenge. He was the current President of the U.S.A, but when a cut-scene comes into action, he is assassinated. He dies on Day 1, while he was in Washington, D.C.. The game is named after him, as after he dies, you get revenge on the man who killed him. He was succeeded as president by Lucas Borlinghathen, who instantly vows revenge for John's death.

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