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John Marston, Sr.
John marston
Biographical information
Real name Johnathan "John" Marston Sr.
Also known as Jhon, Marston Sr., Mr. Marston, Mastn, father, papa, brother, Mersten, Johnny, Jhonny, The Man from Gold Town, fella from the train company, Bill's former boy, criminal, ghost, demon and a cockroach
Nationality Ya Scott son-of-a bitch! Scottish
Born 12th of July, 1852
Age 166
Status Undead
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black, brown
Ethnicity Caucasian-Scottish
Height 6'0
Weight 78kg
Blood type A-
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Dutch's Gang (former), Dutch van der Linde (former), Bill Williamson (former), Javier Escuella (former), Grandpa Marston, Nate Johnson (former), Landon Ricketts, Leg Johnson, Jonah, Seth Brains, Abraham Reys, Luisa Fortuna, Boonie MacFarlane
Occupation(s) Bounty hunter, farmer, former criminal, butcher, serial killer
Notable family members Abigail Marston (wife), Jack Marston (son), Grandpa (father), Dutch van der Linde (like father), Javier Escuella (like brother), William Williamson (like brother) unnamed deceased daughter, unnamed grandpa
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Red Dead Revolver 3dn edition, Red Dead Redemption (all parts), Mortal Kombat X, Red Dead Redemption 2
Voiced by (English) Rob Wiethoff
"I rode in a gang. We robbed trains, banks, towns... We killed people we didn't like. Bill Williamson was in that gang. Now if I don't capture my former brothers in arms great harm will befall my family."
— John Marston

John Marston is a central character and the main hero guy of Red Dead Redemption all parts, and a playable butcher creature under the name of Leatherface in game Mortal Kombat X, something he became after his resurrection by Quan Chi. He is also a central character in Red Dead Revolver 3dn edition. He will be a major character in Red Dead Redemption 2.

With the addition of the 'Liars and Cheats' DLC pack has been downloaded, John Mersten is also a multiplayer character that can be selected in the "Cheaters" section of the Outfitter.

With the addition of the Undead Nightmare DLC pack, there is a Zombie version of him, known as Zombie Marston. it is a multiplayer character that may be selected in the "Zombies" section of the Outfitter.


John Marston is the son of Spider Marston, who was an illiterate Scottish immigrant to the USA, settling out in West Virginia. His mother, a prostitute, died while giving birth. His grandfather who came along died in a bar fight in 1871. Jhon was born in the city of Gold Town, West Virginia, and was raised by Dutch van der Linde. He became an outlaw alongside van der Linde, William Williamson, Arthur Morgan and Javier Escuella, and the five participated in train robberies and other sorts of illegal activities. They gave their earnings to the fortunate, having stolen the money from the poor. However, in 1886, he was left to die during a failed robbery. He retired from the outlaw lifestyle and married a prostitute, Abigail, and had a son named Jack with her and a daughter who died before 1889. He bought a farm in Beecher's Hope, and lived there with his family.

In 1887, he was contacted by FBI agent Edgar Rose, who told him that he would need to get rid of his former friends in exchange for them leaving him and his family alone. He was forced to leave his farm and headed to Silver Town, where he was to meet with a trail guide named Jake. He was guided to Bill Williamson's hideout at Fort Mercer, where he attempted to convince Williamson to give up. Williamson's men shot him in the lower torso with a rifle, and Marston was left for dead again. However, a local woman named Boonie MacFarlane rescued him from the ground and spent $15 on reviving him to his former health. He was brought to MacFarlane's Ranch in Sand's Grass, where he was treated. A grateful Marston agreed to help her out in repaying his debt. 

Later that day, he helped her patrol the perimeter to help pay off his nasty debt to her. She showed him a tour of the ranch, and let him sit for a while in her home. Later, he helped her out in shooting some rabbit hunters that were torturing rabbits at night. After helping her, he decided to go on a nightwatch for the foreman, and shot one of the British's Gang rustlers. He got $15 for his help.

Despite Marston's apparent reformation, he remains a masterful and experienced gunman, marksman, rider and hunter. Marston is a rugged survivalist and knows life as a 'fight for survival' (in his own words); he adheres to the old-fashioned West in a world rapidly experiencing the advancements of modernised American lifestyle.



After discovering gold in Plata Grande with his partner Bill, he and John had a pair of pistols made called the Le'Mate Revolvers and went their separate ways. He returned to his home to his wife Abigail Marston and his son Jack. He gave his old pistol to Jack, who tests out his new pistol. Not long after, a group of bandits, led by Captain Espizona attack their home. John and Jack fight bravely, killing all of the attackers except Espizona and two more, but it was in vain. John is killed by Espizona himself. Jack, however, escapes after wounding Espizona.

John is seen in chapter "Beecher's Hope", where he gives Jack his old pistol, and later is killed alongside his wife in a fight against Espizona.

He is also seen in a flashback in "Battle Finale", when Jack remembers his talk with John about the Le'Mate Revolvers.


John Marston was a bandit gang member and a gunslinger. He ran with Dutch van der Linde, Bill Williamson, Arthur Morgan and Javier Escuella. They committed robberies, raids, murders, and other crimes across the West. According to Marston, the gang stole and fought for a reason. In stealing from the poor and those who were given too less to give to the rich, they wanted to elicit change in the people of the West.

In 1886, a bank robbery goes wrong after being shot and left for death by William Williamson and his other former brothers in arms, Marston sought to retire from bandit lifestyle. Putting his history behind him, he left his old life along with his wife Abigail, and their young son Jack and purchased a farm in Beecher's Hope. Between his abandonment of the gang and the beginning of the game in 1887, Marston was abusing his son, both psychically and sexually. That was also seen in part III, The New Life.

The old American West is being tamed by encroaching technological advances such as railroads, telegram offices and stronger law sheriffs. The mayors, government and elites create the FBI to aid in the process and put Edgar Rose in charge of the western region. One of the FBI's major goals is to rid the country of all of the savage gangs running wild and unchallenged, especially that of Bill Williamson and Dutch van der Linde. Rose decides to use an ex-brother of Williamson's to hunt him down: former bandit named John Marston. By kidnapping John's wife and son, Rose forces him to do so. Thus, John is forced to roam the west once again to save his family, and to get his slice of the American pie (not the TV show).


John's death at the hands of Rose is a poetic end to his life. He sacrifices himself to save his wife and son so they could live a better life, the reason he goes to Texas in the first place. By his death, he knew that Rose wouldn't harass Abigail or Jacky any longer, allowing them to start life fresh, and allowing Jack a chance to grow up without the brutality and violence that shaped John's early life. Sadly, despite his father's sacrifice, Jack possibly still goes on to become a bounty hunter, he tracks down and kills Edgar Rose in revenge, without hesitation. The path to revenge, it seems, is a hard road to follow, due to all the construction work everywhere.

In 1891, two years after John was killed, Abigail dies by doing suicide. An older Jack, now a mirror image of his father, buries her body up on the hill next to John's grave. From then on, he is playable throughout the remainder of the game; retaining all of his father's weapons, clothes, money $, houses and fame/honour. The rest of Jack's life is shrouded as a bounty hunter and an outlaw.


  • John is often associated with the city, even though he is a rancher.
  • Both John and Abigail were orphans, as Abigail claims she was in the mission "Pestilence". It's said that they ran away from the orphanage together, but it is unclear who organised the plan and how they met Dutch van der Linde.
  • John's grave marker reads "Blessed are the peacemakers.", signifying his long road to redemption and peace for his family in a lawless land.
  • John is seen smoking cigarettes during cutscenes, after missions, and while watching a film in the cinemas.
  • John is extremely polite to women and likes them. For example, John calls Boonie MacFarlane "Miss MacFarlane", even after she has asked him to call her "Boonie". He also does anything possible to keep women safe, even pistol-whipping Scot to defend two nuns he was holding up.
  • Not promising to resolve the problem, John usually answers with "I'll see what I can do" to strangers after hearing their awesome situation.
  • Before the game came out, in the trailers, John looked much younger and thinner. So did Abigail. But this was changed due to Jack being nearly a mature man. He got that look back in Red Dead Redemption 2 however.
  • John seems to be one of the only man in the game that is not loyal to his wife.
  • John seems to get angrier when someone mentions his wife's past rather than his own.
  • Although John is married to Abigail, neither of them wear wedding rings. The same goes for every married character in the game.
  • His son, Jack, gives him credit for many of his weapon-based talents. For example, when Jack shoots at enemies, he'll sometimes shout out "You taught me well, papa." However, when John tries to teach Jack how to shoot a rifle in "Wolves, Dogs, and Sons" Jack orders that John needs to leave the farm forever, leave him alone so that he can teach himself and that John needs to go kill himself.
  • If one looks at the pictures of John with his former gang in the Dutch's Gang page Gallery, he appears to be wearing the Legend of the West outfit.
  • John's hat appears to have eagle feathers on it.
  • If the player presses "0" (PS3) or "B" (360) while near Abigail, Jack, Granpa, or Amos, John will tip his hat as usual, but he won't speak.
  • Judging from one of Marston's quotes, it is possible John lived nice during his childhood years but it is unknown why he abuses Jack then.
  • It is left unexplained why John arrives in Gold Town aboard a steamboat if he resides in Beecher's Hope. It is probably because he was taken somewhere else while his family was being kidnapped, and while he was on the boat, the details about his nearing exploit were explained to him. That is the assumed reason because there is no conversation when they get off the boat, they simply walk him to the train.