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John Maccers
Nickname(s) John
Appears in Future Warfare series and Final Years series
Rank Sergeant (Future Warfare), Colonel (Final Years)
Affiliations Wolf Company
Royal Australian Engineers Corp. (Mentioned)
Status Alive
Birth 1999
Weapon M4A1 SOPMOD

Johnathon "John" Maccers is the main protagonist of the Future Warfare series. He is also appears in Final Years series though he's not going to reprise his role of the protagonist. He has been awarded the Star of Gallantry, Distinguished Service Cross, Conspicuous Service Cross and Australian Service Medal.

World War IV

John fought as a Sergeant in World War IV. He fought alongside the famous Jamie Salmon, Soap MacTavish and John Price. He was saved three times by all three war heroes. He fought courageously alongside with Jamie's old comrades and a few times was saved from himself by Jack when he was consumed by fear. During the war, he was awarded the SOG and DSC. Four years later, he is awarded the CSC and ASM.

Desert War

This is a working progress. Now frozen.


  • John was saved three times by the war heroes: First time was by Jamie when he lost is grip on the cliff side, Second time was by Soap when he was almost hit by a Mortar and the last time was by John when he was injured by a sniper.