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Jethro Wilson
Nickname(s) Jeff (By Wayne), Spot (By Salmon)
Appears in Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Call of Duty: Zero Tolerance
Rank Corporal
Affiliations Wolf Company (Nuclear War timeline)
Wolf Division (Zero Tolerance Timeline
Status KIA (Nuclear War timeline)
Alive (Zero Tolerance Timeline)
Killed By Casualty of War (Nuclear War timeline)
Birth 1973, The Bronx, New York City, New York (Nuclear War Timeline)
February 27th, 2003 - Alice Springs, South Australia
Sex Male
Height 166
Weight 62.2
Build Athletic
Hair Red
Eyes Amber
Race Caucasian
Death 2018, Wilson Brothers (Nuclear War Timeline)
Weapon M4A2 Grenadier/Dot Sight, Desert Eagle and any weapon at his disposal (Nuclear War Timeline)
Hk416, Browning Hi-Power and any weapon at his disposal in P.O.C (Zero Tolerance Timeline)

Jethro Wilson is a playable character in Call of Duty: Nuclear War.

Biography (Nuclear War Timeline)

Jethro was born in 1973, The Bronx, New York City, with the parents of a American father and Australian mother. He and is brother join Wolf Company to serve and protect. He is seen mostly sometimes not talking and talking. His playable only once. He is killed in the Bonus Mission set between She's My... and This is Personal by a nuke.

Biography (Zero Tolerance Timeline)

Jethro was born in 2003, Albany, Western Australia; his mother had at Age 15 after, and as such has never met his biological father. Jethro's mother was Jewish, and despite that; Jethro choose to be baptised as an Anglican Christian. At age 13; Jethro displayed an adept knowledge in metalwork when he made armour by melting down tin cans and aluminium foils. He joined the army at age 17 and got his first combat role at age 19, he has become close friends with Riley Porterhouse and Jack Mannings. Jethro Wilson has acrophobia (fear of heigts) and aviophobia (fear of flying). He is the deuteragonist of the Zero Tolerance series.


  • Jethro is the tenth playable character who is scripted to die.