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Gerald "Jerry" Finnigan
Biographical information
Real name Gerald Ansel Finnigan
Also known as Jerri, Jury, Jerry, Finn, Finnigan, Fin, Sergeant Finnigan, Finflappa
Nationality France flag French
Age 37
Status Deceased
Birthplace Dijon, France
Cause of death/incarceration Shot by Charlie Trapani
Physical description
Eye colour Black
Hair colour Brown
Ethnicity White
Height 6'1
Weight 82kg
Blood type A-
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Corleone Family, Fredo Corleone, Boom Boom Tradicional, Freaky Willy
Occupation(s) Police sergeant
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) The Godfather Games
Voiced by (English) Gavin Hammon, Joe Paulino
"Good, you know how to keep your mouth shut. My name is Sergeant Finnigan, I have some business that needs taking care of. You'll be paid for the work of course, are you interested?"
— Jerry to Willy

Gerald/Jerry Finnigan was a corrupt cop who was tried numerous times for a manslaughter and police brutality.


He was always known to be a good friend of Fredo Corleone which he helped him betray the Corleones. After the murder of Don Barzini by Charlie Trapani, Jerry approached Freaky Willy in the hopes of having him eliminate several Irish mobsters that were attempting to gain a foothold in France, namely Patrick O'Donnell and the Scaleri Brothers. He also had Boom Boom eliminate a two men who was attempting to build a brutality case against him, Judge Tyrone Bloom and Internal Affairs investigator Ronaldo Manning. He also had been in the role of assassinating Sergio Turrera in 2011, he was just shaking hands with him, before Turrera was shot in head with Tommy Gun.


"Oh God, why Jerry? He was such an friendly and good cop, why did he had to do that? It is no doubt Fredo's behind this, he sucks! He turned Jerri into a real traitor! Why? Go out and bring me Fredo! Fredo! Fredo! FREDO! FREDO!!!!!"
— Michael to Albert Neri

However, Finnigan would eventually betray the Corleones. Boom Boom was instructed to bring in the corpse of Polish crime lord Josef Niekerza and split the bounty with Finnigan, who set him up for an ambush at The Tunnel Club, after Tradicional killed Josef. In revenge, the Sergeant was dragged out into the street outside the Little Town police station and killed in front of many witnesses.


  • On PS3 Jerry has got moutstasche and a lighter hair, while on Wii he has got a darker hair - mouthstasche.