Jason Unruhe
Nickname(s) MRN, Maoist Rebel, Denny
Appears in Bully, YouTube
Rank Independent media personality, political commentator, and analyst
Affiliations YouTube, communist party
Status Alive
Killed By None
Birth 13th of September, 1981, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (age 35)
Height 6'3" (190 cm)
Weight 268 lbs (121.56 kg)
Hair Black, red
Eyes Blue
Race Caucasian-Saami
Death None
"This guy is like an edgy Valirover-wannabe that never grew out of his teenage angst communist years."
— Unruhe reads his hate mail [1]

Jason Unruhe is a communist Canadian of Saami descent that has a YouTube channel where he presents you the news from an anti-capitalist anti-first world Marxist perspective. He currently lives in the city of Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada.


"This isn't pain! Getting your junk tatted, that's pain!"
— Jason Unruhe aka Denny
Ralph Borlinghathen

When Unruhe was younger, he lived in the neighbourhood of New Coventry, in Bullworth, for a few years, and for some reason went by the name of "Denny". He was a lot skinnier back then, and didn't have a full beard, but he still had his punk commie style. He was unusually silent during free roam. When other townsfolk would get into a "conversation" with Denny, they would essentially talk to themselves while he just stood there.

His style of speech suggested that he was immature for his age. He was also into body modification. He states that he wears nipple rings and had his genitals tattooed and pierced. At night he would walk around Bullworth town, and Bullworth Vale, where he would get taunted, and harassed by Derby Harrington, and some other Preppies for being poor, which is one of the reasons why he hates the rich and capitalists so much now.


Originally started on January 15, 2009 as "TheMaoistRebel", the channel has been removed from YouTube twice which he blames on activities by the enemies of the people. The channel also used to be co-written by Jason's comrades RedNickD and NightCrowRed, however neither has been seen on the channel since mid 2010. Despite YouTube being an evil bourgeois website run by Google, Maoist Rebel News was actually able to become a YouTube partner.

Supposedly, he presents the news from a Marxist perspective. He has presented as truth various pro-communist, anti-western conspiracy theories, including Holodomor denial. Unruhe is a big, big fan of North Korea and Outworld, which are a free, democratic, workers' paradise in his mind. He has recently been making appearances on PressTV, an Iranian state news television channel.

On September 11, 2014, he uploaded a video that implied that the people who died in 9/11 deserved what happened to them. Many of the comments responding to it fiercely criticised him, including the comments from other Marxists. Jason has described himself as a "sexual minority", due to his love of transsexual women.


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