Jason Crown
Appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, Call of Duty: New Orders
Rank Corporal, later Sergeant
Affiliations United States Marine Corps, 2nd Force Recon
Status Active Duty
Birth April 10th, 1996, Encino, California
Weapon M4A1 Carbine, M16A4, M9, M1911, And any weapon picked up in the campaign.
"And that Danish-American soldier, Jason Crown. He's now fighting on the ground."

Jason Bendt Crown is an United States Marine. His face is only revealed in Bad Man by Fontaine.


Jason was born in April 10th, 1996 and was raised in Encino, California. He's father was an American US Army Ranger and his mother was a Danish Air Force soldier. His father was killed in action in the Iraq War. He went to school for 12 years and later joined the Marine Corps after completing Military Colleage. He was awarded the rank of Lance Corporal. He fought in World War III. He mentions in Call of Duty: New Orders that he has been friends with Gregory Wilkerson for 15 years.