This article, Jason "Bomber" Leeson, is property of Staff Sergeant Jack Jackson.

Jason Leeson
Nickname(s) Bomber, Walking Demolition
Appears in Call of Duty: Future Warfare: Allied Assault
Rank Private, later Captain
Affiliations Task Force 141, later Wolf Company
Status Alive
Birth Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 1-13-1995
Weapon Thumper, M4 Grenadier, Javelin, Predator Missile, Stinger, RPG-18, RPG-76 Komar, M9 Bayonet and Cronic 5.0

Jason Leeson is a Swiss-Australian demolition man. He has very strong Swiss accent. He is demolition man in the army. He uses explosives weapons and gear. Born in Brisbane. He is son of a teacher and a astrologist. He commonly use his M4 once his grenade launcher is empty. He fights in Operation Final Freedom, Battle of Korce and Battle at Afghanistan

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