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Jamie Salmon
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Biographical information
Real name Jamie David Salmon
Also known as Zero Ocelot
Zero Snake
Sword Snake
Sword Strike
Nationality Flag of WOLFHOUND WOLFHOUNDer
800px-Flag of Australia svg Australian
Born 3rd November, 1994
Age 27 (Chronologically as of 2020)
23 (Biologically as of 2020)
Status Alive
Physical description
Eye colour Blue, later Dark Blue
Hair colour Black
Height 177 cm
Weight 65 kg
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) WOLFHOUND's Army
Occupation(s) Corporal Sergeant (2016-2017)
Sergeant (2017-currently)
Notable family members Parents
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) WOLFHOUND series
Created by Me
Voiced by (English) Classified

Corporal Sergeant Jamie Salmon is member of WOLFHOUND, and former triple agent of the DIO. He was original tasked to a Oman terrorist cell, and the Russian FSB as a Triple Agent their obtaining both an Omani Citizenship, and Russian citizenship. He later transferred to WOLFHOUND to help maintain peace in the world.


Early Years

Born on 1994, Jamie is known for he interest in world peace, and was known for being a cadet in 2010 to 2012. He never advanced in ranks because he didn't believe that a rank defines a person, however he later joined the DIO after school in 2013, and showed a great ability to being able to develop his skills, and ability faster than normal. During 2013, he, and Raiden help each other take down a notorious terrorist, and Jamie developed his skills in Zero Shift; an ability to move so fast it looks as if he just teleported.

After he realised that he could potentially cause more wars being a Triple Agent for the DIO, he transfer to WOLFHOUND so that he can help maintain peace around the world, but he is still willing to killing, but only as a last resort.

Project Chimera

In 2016, Jamie embarks on his first solo sneaking mission to counter Project Chimera. During the mission. Jamie encountered many foes and enemies, and went up against the Elements. At the conclusion of his mission in Antarctica; his right was severed by a sharp piece of ice, and had his right arm replaced by mechanical arm made from an alloy of Chromium, Vanadium, Steel, Manganese and Boron. This arm gave him increased strength due to his already Peak Human conditions allowing him to tear a car door off with his bare hands, and even put a dent in lead.

After his failure to stop Project Chimera at Antarctica, he and Raiden journey to Berlin to after learning from a former member of Chernov's Army that Flood intends to use Berlin as a test site for Project Chimera. They meet up with Chancellor Truda Becker, and President Bernat whom gave them the OK to operate on German soil. However, it quickly turns for the worst, when Flood invades Berlin, and he's takes out easily 50 German soldiers, and 1 tank.


Jamie has the ability to Zero Shift enabling to move so fast that it'd look like he just teleported, he also has an Advance Development. He can establish his abilities faster than a normal human.

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